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    Oct 10, 2010
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    I purchased my phone through Amazon Wireless and at the same time they gave me some free apps. To use them, I have to install the Amazon Appstore. In order to install it, I am supposed to go to Settings, select Applications, and check the Unknown Sources box.

    Well, I can't find Applications in the Settings screen. (I can find it on my Droid X). All I can find is Apps, and when I open that, it just shows me the apps I have installed. I don't see any way to manage apps or to allow unknown sources.

    The other thing is I tried to view their video from my phone and was told that I can't run Flash from my device! Is that true??

    Update:I found the answers to my questions at

    Apparently, Chrome doesn't support the Flash plugin. And the Allow Unknown Sources setting is found under Security, not Applications.


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