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  1. Soulsister

    Soulsister Member

    Can anyone tell me whether the Sony Xperia S has the feature whereby contacts can be subdivided and placed into groups eg. Family, Friends, Business as can be done on the Motorola RAZR XT910. I liked this feature on the Moto. Thanks

  2. gibbylinks

    gibbylinks New Member

    I'm using googlemail and you can do it in that. These get transfered to your phone when you sync it and then you can "filter them"

    I have a folder for e-mail "mailing lists" HMV etc so my junk filter doesn't grab them, and have it filtered so that I don't see these on my phone.

    Hope that helps. :D
  3. catnamedog

    catnamedog Member

    The Xperia S is the first mobile I've ever owned that isn't a Nokia. Whilst I'm impressed with loads of stuff on my S, I can't say I'm too pleased with PC Companion, or the way that contacts info was transferred from my old Nokia E72.
    Am I doing things wrongly? Nokia Ovi would let me use my PC to edit and amend my contacts directly in the phone. I could, for example combine multiple numbers and email addresses under one name. Sony PC Companion not only transferred all my multiple numbers as separate ones - ie "John Smith" now has 1 entry for home, another for his mobile, another for email etc., etc., but it shortened names.
    So, 10/10 for the phone, 3/10 for the PC software. Is there any other software available that would give me better management of my Xperia S?
  4. wooks63

    wooks63 Well-Known Member

    In all fairness, you can't really expect a Sony phone to correctly import contacts from a Nokia phone (or vice versa).

    Just sync it with a gmail account and then do your managing from gmail.
  5. heavensenttom

    heavensenttom Well-Known Member

    It could possibly be out there but this one is the only one actually designed by Sony to work well with the phone. So it's probably your best bet.

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