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Managing running apps?General

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  1. bebbles

    bebbles Well-Known Member

    Hello! Sorry if this has been posting but I couldnt find anything related.

    Is there a way to manage the running apps on this phone? When I had my Samsung Fascinate, I held down the home button and it would take me to a screen where I could reset running apps to cut down on memory. I found the running apps through settings but there is no way to shut them all down with one click.

    Hope im making sense and someone can help, just trying to find ways to get out of programs and save battery...

    And whats up with the Music Player? How do I completely exit it?? Help! :)

  2. speedtrap63

    speedtrap63 Active Member

    To shutdown running apps, go to Settings - Applications - Manage applications. You can stop them one at a time, but you can also move them to your SD card from there also to save more space.
  3. 1of7627

    1of7627 Well-Known Member

    There isn't any one-click way to end all running apps without using a 3rd party app. Since all iterations of the Android OS have proprietary mods by the manufacturers and vendors, this practice is fraught with peril as most of the processes will simply start up again on their own with your battery taking the hit. Apps like the music player or others that you may have used recently but have since navigated away from aren't the big memory and resource culprits as Android will recover unused resources as it needs them.

    One way I reduced memory use was to get rid of numerous widgets I'd been using (for news, sports, weather and the like) as they're always "listening" and active whether or not you're accessing them or are even on the screen they're located on. I stopped micromanaging apps long ago and haven't seen a need to change. - MarkC
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  4. bebbles

    bebbles Well-Known Member

    Thanks... My Fascinate had a one-click which made things so easy.... I just got the phone a few days ago, have 1 widget (the main weather).. keep wifi, bluetooth off... and it still drains like crazy!

  5. 1of7627

    1of7627 Well-Known Member

    How crazy is crazy? If you use the phone a lot during the day doing things that keep the screen on (ie: texting, watching movies, games, internet, etc.), you'll likely not get 6 hours. Calls are not as big a deal as you might think as the screen is normally off. 4G takes more power too. Unfortunately, few apps or services use near as much power as these common tasks do and my micromanaging efforts (and 3rd party apps) didn't bear much fruit. I'm not a heavy user and I can stretch the standard battery to 8 hours or so. The extended battery works much better and lasts all day for me, but is ugly. I bought the desktop charging dock and now leave the phone docked at work as much as possible and have no problem. But, it would be more convenient if you didn't have to worry about it and could just charge it each night. - MarkC

    Note: For some reason when charging with the phone on, the radios on my phone go to sleep and I'll miss calls. (How I discovered this is that I tried to make a call and the phone said it was dialing, but nothing happened, no dial tone, no connection. Rebooting the phone woke everything up and I got the missed call and voice mail notifications.) Now, I periodically dial VM just to make sure the phone is awake as it's happened to me several times.
  6. bebbles

    bebbles Well-Known Member

    What really surprised me was that I picked up the phone Saturday afternoon. I charged it full and before I had downloaded any apps (only thing I did was import contacts via Backup Assistant) and around 1am it was less than 10%. I had GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth off... But I chalked it up to the OEM widgets. I was driving down to a city 2hrs away and then went out so I didnt have much time to talk/text/browse internet.

    The next morning it was charged full. I set up my email accounts and dont have them automatically sync. I took one phone call for 2 minutes. I texted 3-4 people a couple times. I deleted the OEM widgets (all except the weather) and cut the screen down to 3 pages, 2 of them empty. I dont have a live wallpaper... and within 4 hours I was down to less than half.

    I thought my Galaxy has battery issues but this is pretty extreme. I actually used to use my Galaxy for videos, pictures, internet and multiple apps and it would last slightly longer. Of course, Galaxy wasnt 4g though...

    Since you get 8hrs; I guess that sounds similar to what I get... Im just surprised that even before Im downloading apps and actually USING the phone (still havent even streamed one video yet!) that it wont last a full day!

    Thank you so much for the docking station tip! I was thinking I would need one and that is very important to know!

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