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Mango Launcher Uninstalled, how to recover it

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  1. gurbhasin

    gurbhasin New Member


    I have rooted my phone and uninstall some systems applications.

    And I have uninstall the Mango Launcher, now I am using Xperia Arc Launcher, because Mango Launcher was creating a problem

    Now My question is, If I will reset my phone through settings-> privacy-> reset

    So, how my phone will start, because system application (Mango Launcher) I have already uninstalled, and Xperia Arc Launcher would also be uninstall when I will reset the phone.

    I am wondering, whether I will do reset my phone, then lost all my data as well as warranty.

    So, please let me know, how can I reset the phone & do I need to install Mango Launcher or without it I can reset the phone.



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