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  1. patriot482

    patriot482 New Member

    perhaps there is some 2,2 firmware for Ukraine?

  2. Ahmadinejad

    Ahmadinejad Active Member

    @patriont482: No FroYo for Ukrainian market yet. I hope that it will be available soon for your phone.


    In the mean time a FroYo just came available for the WIN Italy I5500. It could be grabbed from THIS LINK. Main topic updated again.
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  3. lokel

    lokel Member

    The product code is VMC
  4. DashBlacK

    DashBlacK New Member

    Hey I also have this Product Code, but unfortunately I have flashed a different firmware. I am on MAD Team, known as DashBlacK. I know how to backup firmware, please reply and let me know so that we can backup this firmware, as I need it tooo. Maybe if you could enter the IRC at and channel #gti5500
  5. DashBlacK

    DashBlacK New Member

    I know how to backup firmware, please reply and let me know so that we can backup this firmware, as I need it tooo. Maybe if you could enter the IRC at and channel #gti5500

    btw, my email is
  6. Khal3d

    Khal3d New Member

    The code *2767*4387264636# giving me
    PCode: GT-I5503YKAEGY

    My phone working on Android 2.1
    PDA: I5503JPJI1
    PHONE: I5503JXJG4
    CSC: I5503JPJI1

    I need to update via KIES, Please help me!
  7. fmreina

    fmreina New Member

    @Ahmadinejad, I saw Abiram26 didn't reply about the info for you to look up whether Froyo is available in the Netherlands. I also have an I5500 with a VDP product code.. and am also very interested to update, here is the output:

    PDA: I5500XWJH4
    Phone: I5500XWJG3
    CSC: I5500OXXJH1

    Thanks for the info!
  8. Funz

    Funz New Member

    The code *2767*4387264636# giving me nothing "invalid operation. Code: 3001. Why?
  9. mpacrainman

    mpacrainman New Member

    Any advice for a Canadian (with product code VMC) wanting to upgrade to Froyo? Which firmware would be most appropriate, if we don't want to wait.
  10. dspisak

    dspisak Member

    Hello, all. I am new to smartphones, so I have some questions.

    I purchased an unlocked Galaxy 5 from Fry's Electronics in Concord, California. It came with 2.1-update1. Last weekend I updated the frimware from the Samsung/uk site (because I discovered that the phone is a UK/Germany phone) via Kies 2.02 to 2.2, build FROYO.XWJPJ. I could almost swear that before the update I had 3G connectivity. After the update the best I have is EDGE. I want to return to 2.1-update1 to check reception.

    When I run the above access code I see GT-I5500CWADBT. I don't see this version on your list. Other info:
    PDA = I5500XWJPJ
    Phone = I5500XWJP3
    CSC = I5500OXXJP4
    Baseband = I5500XWJP3.

    What is the correct UK firmware to select?

    Thank you for your help.

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  11. Ahmadinejad

    Ahmadinejad Active Member

    It looks like you've purchased a German product code device from the US which was pre-flashed with US firmware by the seller before you got it. After upgrading it with KIES it got back to its original baseband, which is an European version and thus incompatible with the US mobile 3G network. So if you would like to get it back to its original state when it was purchased - get back in touch with the dealer you got it from. If you would like to fix it yourself you will have to read a bit on how to flash your device with ODIN and go to do download US version of firmware for your phone from there. Otherwise your phone will not be able to use North American 3G networks. Hope that this helps. P.S. No matter I5500CWADBT or I5500YKADBT product code, its still the same phone with different panel color, but as I told, its original baseband is of no use in the US :)
  12. dspisak

    dspisak Member

    Ahmadinejad, thank you for your response. Last night I went to the samfirmware site and tried several US versions of 2.2 and 2.2.1. None of them were able to let me connect to 3G. I also tried the latest US version of 2.1. However, all it did was continuous restarts of the phone. Note that Odin loaded 4 files for 2.1 and loaded five files for 2.2 and 2.2.1.

    I then loaded UK 2.1, five files, and while all phone features were accessible I was not able to access 3G. Sorry, but I do not have the I5500xxxxx numbers with me for reference.

    I think the CDMA/UTMS 850 frequency is not implimented in the I5500 hardware. My carrier is AT&T and they require CDMA/UTMS 850/1900 for 3G. Neither of these frequencies are available in the I5500, only 900/2100.

    If anyone knows how to activate the 850 frequency in the I500 please let me know.

  13. lucky4814

    lucky4814 New Member

    I am from India and i have the official ddjg3/ddjg4 firmwares but both of them give the same error "this device cannot be updated"
  14. Graham_Thomas

    Graham_Thomas New Member

    Hi there, firmware reads:


    Code - GT-I5500YKAH3G

    I cannot get KIES to update to even 2.2 - do I need to flash back to standard UK and then update to 2.2 or even 2.3 Gingerbread.

  15. miotch

    miotch New Member


    Quick question that has me a little confused and said I'd ask here to double check.
    I have a Galaxy 5 (Europa) i5500, pretty much new with no alterations made to firmware etc. but I was planning on updating to 2.2 froyo because Kies isn't letting me.

    I was following your guide above and came to the section where you got your product code. I did that but the result was a little odd. My product code came out as GT-i9000YKAEIR. Correct me if I'm wrong but should the code not be GT-i5500?
    Looked online and it seems GT-i9000 is the Galaxy S and not Galaxy 5.

    Next question is if the product code is referring to the firmware installed or the phone itself. As in, will installing the i5500 firmware ROMs above fix this or do I need to send it back to samsung to sort out?

    I looked up info on product codes and found info on changing the code using *#272* IMEI_NUMBER #, but the setting that comes up and doesn't let me change is MET. MET is also for Ireland but all the firmware installed to date is EIR...

    I'll be honest in that I'm not entirely sure what I'm getting myself into here but any guidance would be great :)

    Should I change my product code using the above method?
    Should I just install firmware following the instructions of the original post and hope for the best?
  16. miotch

    miotch New Member

    Don't know how to delete the double post, sorry admins!
  17. sicka01

    sicka01 New Member

  18. sicka01

    sicka01 New Member
  19. dspisak

    dspisak Member

    Thanks for the tip, sicka01. I tried that method but it did not work. When I go to the WCDMA screen it lists the various bands but does not show the (FDD xxx) part on a given band. So, I must conclude that the I5500 hardware does not include the WCDMA 850 and 1900 bands. That is not the end of the world. The phone and GPS features work just fine. The AT&T "E" network is relatively slow (100 kbps +/-), but I do not have a great need to download data. Also, I can use the Wi-Fi data connection, if available.

    My colleague's Captivate does have all of the bands. It connects to AT&T's "H" network. But, that phone is 3x the cost of the I5500.


  20. Filip Roncevic

    Filip Roncevic New Member

    I've bought the phone in germany, but I live in croatia, wich one should I use?
  21. brainstain

    brainstain New Member

    Hi Ahmadinejad

    I have the same situation as Khal3d here , but here is what I found
    there is 2 Arabic firmwares at

    I5503JPJI1 Version 2.1 2010 September
    I5503JPJPA Version 2.2 2011 June

    as you can see the I5503JPJI1 is our current stock firmware, my question is
    1. if I flash my device with the I5503JPJPA , it'll be exactly like the official kies update?
    2. if I5503JPJI1 is already our official firmware, why can't kies update the device , instead it shows "This device can't be updated" , where is the mismatch that caused the error ?


  22. iMAGIO

    iMAGIO New Member

    Hi there, I have the same concerns... we have the same firmware versions

    SAMSUNG GT-I5503 PDA: I5503JPJI1
    Phone: I5503JXJG4

  23. Axeluzz

    Axeluzz Member

    Can you link me the swedish firmware for galaxy ace?

  24. Axeluzz

    Axeluzz Member

    someone please help!
  25. Axeluzz

    Axeluzz Member

    why does no one answer, this forum is reard slow...

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