manual update to cupcake w/o rooting?

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  1. NSolarz

    NSolarz New Member

    im impatient and was wondering if i could do it manually without rooting my phone. any idea if this is possible yet? thx in advance

  2. Nickedynick

    Nickedynick New Member

    Actually you can. It's possible to manually download the update and apply it using a few key combinations. The problem is that no one has posted the link to the update file.
  3. unknownkwita

    unknownkwita Member

    would that be done by using the recovery mode?
  4. shinigami92g

    shinigami92g Member

    i wish there was a way to do that, I did that for the 1.1 update and my G1 is so slow at finding updates. I want cupcake so bad!!!

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