Manually boot into CWM Recovery?

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  1. DeadChex

    DeadChex Well-Known Member

    On my Droid3, how would I manually boot into ClockWork recovery? If something goes wrong for instance.

    I've tried...

    Holding X during powerup, that gives me standard recovery

    Holding M during powerup, and selecting BP tools, device boots normaly

    Holding M during powerup, and selecting recovery, gives me standard recovery

    Holding vol up during recovery, (i belive) that gave me nothing

    Holding vol down during recovery, gave me ap flash fastboot (i think its called, sorry if thats wrong)

    Holding home during power up, normal boot

    Pulling battery during the boot animation, normal reboot

    Pulling battery, then pluging into charge, boot into charge screen

    Holding the search button on the keyboard during boot, normal boot

    I would greatly appriciate if someone could tell or find out how to boot into CWM recovery from the power off state. Thanks in Advanced!!

    PS ROM manager and my Recovery bootstrapper can both boot into CWM recovery from the device so i know its there

    And, most of these methods are methods I've gathered from googling this issue and from what I've read here and there

  2. ndoren

    ndoren Well-Known Member Contributor

    Obviously you are using Koush's CWM recovery, since you are able to get to it from ROM Manager. Unfortunately, there is no way to get into CWM from a powered down state. You need to enter it from either Rom Manager or Koush's bootstrap app. Yes, that means you need a fully functional, bootable phone in order to get into CWM.

    The original CWM recovery, by HashCode, lets you enter it from the powered-down state (boot menu). Not so with your CWM by Koush. Yes, it's a viscious circle... if you don't have a bootable phone, then you can't boot up to get into CWM, in order to restore a bootable backup.

    I hear changes are in the works to make power-up entry into Koush's CWM possible. You can't do it yet. Stay tuned. Neall
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  3. DeadChex

    DeadChex Well-Known Member

    Thank you! I used to have hashcodes recovery, but I think its recovery is out of date. Thanks again!
  4. ndoren

    ndoren Well-Known Member Contributor

    I'm not sure Hashcodes CWM is out of date, as much as he and Koush have basically agreed to follow Koush's development path for the future CWMs. As you've noticed, Hash's was nice in that you could enter it from a powered-down state. Since I won't be installing custom ROMs, but instead just using CWM as a failsafe backup, I probably should have stayed on Hash's CWM until they modify Koush's for power-up execution. Neall
  5. IzelTokatl

    IzelTokatl Well-Known Member

    for hascodes, you hold both Vol up/down at the same time while hitting power button. Then scroll down to last option (BP Tools), boom your in CWM.
  6. ndoren

    ndoren Well-Known Member Contributor


    Between Hashcode and Koush, they have updated the Koush CWM to work within Rom Manager and it will ALSO boot from a cold power up from BP tools (power+M).

    I think Hashcode also fixed the issue with escaping a bootloop and going into CWM when possible.

    See Hash's comments, and the updated APK! This is GREAT News folks!!!

    Hash of Codes: Stock CM Bootstrap for Droid 3

    Note: Remove or freeze the previous apk, or you will see them both in your app drawer.
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  7. bryan847

    bryan847 Well-Known Member

    I was being unintelligent and installed koush's cwm before uninstalling Hashcodes. My phone got stuck in a boot loop and I have been trying to use psouzas guide to unbrick it but the last step doesn't work.
  8. ndoren

    ndoren Well-Known Member Contributor


    You can also try using this guide... Download the files specified here, and try the first 9 steps of this procedure. It was meant to update your phone from the SBF for installation of the new Steel Droid ROM, but you don't have to pay attention to that. Just look at the instructions up through step 9, and this should help you to restore your phone.

    Hope this helps. Neall

    [ROM] [RELEASE] Steel Droid 3: 1.0 Gingerbread - 9-26-2011
  9. romshark

    romshark Active Member

    Found out that if the phone is off, plug it into a charger, and turn it on (it sometimes goes to a battery charge screen), it goes to CWM. This makes a nice shortcut. Still testing if this happens every time.
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