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  1. larryjbjr

    larryjbjr New Member

    Ok, I have been using custom ROMs for some time and I used to be able to dial ##775#, enter my MSL, and update the PRL manually with a file from my sdcard.

    I tried to do that recently and when I dial ##775# nothing happens. So, figured it was the new ROM I was using. But, I have tried several different ROMs, even managed to go back to stock Gingerbread this morning, and still nothing happens when I dial ##775#.

    Can anyone here help me with this? I occasionally travel to places where Sprint service is nearly nonexistent and I usually flash the 00001.prl so that I can use Verizon towers and even get 3G. I really need to be able to do that again.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. pl0323

    pl0323 Well-Known Member

    make sure ur using the stock dialer, using any other won't work.
  3. larryjbjr

    larryjbjr New Member

    Thank you very much for the suggestion. I have made sure I am using stock dialer and it still will not work.
  4. cj1212

    cj1212 Well-Known Member

    I had this issue with all my phones. Just google hidden menu apk snd find one for your device.
  5. larryjbjr

    larryjbjr New Member

    I've tried that and can find nothing. Must admit my googling ain't the best. I've looked in my system>app folder on the root of my device and there is no such apk, so that must be the issue.

    Would someone please be kind enough to download their hiddenmenu.apk from their phone and email it to me?

    larryjbjr (at) gmail (you know the rest.....)
  6. cj1212

    cj1212 Well-Known Member

    Gmail wont ever let me send any program files or apks
  7. cj1212

    cj1212 Well-Known Member

    It looks like it went through. Check your gmail

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