Many HD games are not working on samsung galaxy ySupport

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  1. rahuldagli

    rahuldagli Member

    I tried installing few of the hd games like nfs shift, golf battles 3 etc but none of them seems to work.

  2. kautukraj

    kautukraj Member

    I does not have enough configuration for HD games
  3. shehan13

    shehan13 Member

    Absolutely you''re phone is samsung galaxy has android 2.3.5 (gingerbread).
    But i cant play hd games like nfs shift....and i want to know why..please help me....
  4. Ellis456

    Ellis456 Well-Known Member

    It isnt a gaming phone, I dont get why your making it into something it isnt. it plays a few games but dont expect the world. if you want that buy a s2.
  5. varun.chitre15

    varun.chitre15 Well-Known Member Developer

    I agree with you elis.
    Without a gpu a phone gets barred at a certain limit to which y had reached already.
  6. amithats

    amithats Member

  7. blackkids5

    blackkids5 Well-Known Member

    it has gpu bcm2177 thunderbird.... neocore 68FPS after rooting..... :)

    before rooting its just 41 FPS :(
  8. jackaz06

    jackaz06 New Member

    please help me,i root my galaxy y but hd games not work,i update it and i download chainfire but doesnt work please help me to fix my problems..,,tnx
  9. coizt

    coizt New Member do you do d rooting?
  10. nube1968

    nube1968 Well-Known Member

    i dont like to root my phone . ^_^ but i have some 3d games
  11. Mahyi

    Mahyi Member

    how did u do that?
  12. mrblogger

    mrblogger New Member

    even our fone can play Sony Play station 1 games WITHOUT ROOTING!!
    i saw a vid on youtube which had all the download links in its description..

    Watch this: -
    www( . )youtube( . )com/watch?v=RfcfHhTyacw
    [Remove brackets and spaces]

    those games are more than enough timepass for us in good 3d graphix.
    the most important thing is that THEY DON'T need ROOTING!!!!
  13. dinesh1497

    dinesh1497 New Member

    if u can root your devise you can play hd games !!!

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