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Many issues with HTC Status - CHa CHaSupport

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  1. 1973Cougar

    1973Cougar New Member

    I am finding this phone to be a real pain. My black berry was a better phone, and I didnt have any of the problems or weird issues that I have with this phone.

    My first issue is I had downloaded an MP3 downloader app and had a few songs that I downloaded. I deleted the songs because they took up too much space and now the songs are deleted from the mp3 player but still play is you click on the music app that came with the phone. I have no idea where they are stored and I would like to delete them.

    Next issue is that I cant install and apps - the phone always says I dont have the space. Everything I have downloaded I already moved to my 16gb sd card and I also did the factory reset 2 months ago.

    Finally I am having an issue connecting to wifi. The AT and T wireless network never really works, and if im not home connected to my wireless or at work on their wireless I cannot get online. I tried using the optimum online wireless but I accidently pressed forget on the phone and I dont know the SSID number, so I cannot located their wireless service.

    Can anybody help me with these issues. This phone is more of a pain in the butt than anything


  2. TheGuitarBoss

    TheGuitarBoss Well-Known Member

    This phone is a fail, sorry this screwed up your android experience .. But, with the mp3 app, I use it too and I think its app data? So go under settings> applications> and look for the app and delete the data or chache. Only thing that comes to mind for that. My friends cha-cha was a disaster.. I had him switch to the xperia play.. but I hope I helped and good luck.
  3. TheGuitarBoss

    TheGuitarBoss Well-Known Member

    Oh and the application problem try eraseing all updates and for wifi what's your router?
  4. mattman97

    mattman97 New Member

    Hi, should i but this phone or the sony ericsson xperia mini pro? I
  5. robwest97

    robwest97 New Member

    This phone sucks I never have any storage space. It shuts its self down for no reason. Its slow. WHen its off its drained my battery from full to empty its jus a piece if crap!

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