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Mapping Touchscreen to Physical Keys

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  1. Vepaot

    Vepaot New Member

    I posted this message on XDA as well, but here it goes:

    While playing this game today called Exitium, I got a crazy idea in my head. "What if there was a way to take games with virtual controllers (D-Pad and buttons) and map them to physical keys?" Either on a built-in keyboard like the Droid 4, or the Xperia Play's keys, or even mapping them to a third party device such as a bluetooth keyboard or Wiimote/PS3 controller.

    Obviously the easiest solution here is to contact the developer and request hardware button support within the game you are wanting to play. But...

    I have looked everywhere and have not found an outside application that attempts to do this. So after a long talk with a friend of mine, we came up with some rough draft ideas of how this could be done. Unfortunately neither of us have a lick of sense when it comes to actual programming and the idea of creating this from the ground up seems impossible at our level.

    So what I was wondering, is if there already is an app out there that can take a point on the touchscreen, and assign it to a keypress on a physical device? And if not, are there any developers out there willing to give this a stab (and I'd obviously give as much input as I possibly could), or someone willing to help me try to understand where I'd even begin to make something like this?

    I know this probably sounds like a mess but I promise I tried to make it as simple and coherent as I possibly could. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

  2. maggieo

    maggieo Well-Known Member

    I would be VERY interested in this also - not for gaming but for the ability to invoke something from one of the physical buttons on the phone, as opposed to three different "moves" it currently takes on the Droid Charge. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. maggieo

    maggieo Well-Known Member

    Apparently there was an app that worked for exactly ths on some phones. It's not on the market. does anyone have com.socialnmobile.buttonshortcuts - called button Shortcut? I would LOVE to at least try it.. it was free - so giving the apk would not be wrong - I just can't find it to download. Thanks much.
  4. cebenestelli

    cebenestelli New Member

    Old thread but oh well. You need to be rooted to run these!! But these are awesome. You can use them for tonnes of apps: first person shooter, racing, arcade, you name it. They can be configured with mouse and keyboard, sixaxis (PS3 controller), X box controller, wii-mote to emulate touches.


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