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Maps - why using so much battery?!

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  1. virtualsalmon

    virtualsalmon Member


    Been checking my phone status battery usage over the last week.

    Maps seem to be top every time, eg - this morning, had the phone doing nothing for the last 5 hours.

    Maps has used 36% of battery consumption.

    Why is this?

    I have everything turned off - by everything I mean you get this power button display bar - with the screen brightness and wifi, bluetooth and two other symbols (I dont know what they are / stand for, if someone could tell me?) I have all of these things turned off.

    Please help!

  2. d3zapped

    d3zapped Member

    Are you signed in to Latitude? If so, check Settings in the Maps application and sign out, and see if that improves things. I'm not sure if Latitude is called out separately on the Battery Graph or if it's rolled up into "Maps", though, so YMMV.
  3. kawasaki69

    kawasaki69 Member

    Latitude was draining my battery too....once i'd signed out things improved dramatically.
  4. virtualsalmon

    virtualsalmon Member

    Thanks dudes,

    I have just signed out of craptitude - hopefully this will improve.

    I shall report back.
  5. I was having this issue with google map draining and after signed out latitude I just resolve the problem

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