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  1. sachiel

    sachiel Member

    When deleting multiple texts, a notification called "MapServiceSamsung has stopped" error appears from time to time. Has anyone encountered this after ICS? It has no major effect on the phone but it's a hassle when you want to delete multiple messages fast.

  2. Steve72

    Steve72 New Member

    Yes, I get he same message, but not when deleting messages, seems random...the phone stalls for about fifteen second. If anyone knows what this is, and how to stop it, would be much appreciated!
  3. sachiel

    sachiel Member

    Yes it also stalls the phone. Didn't mention that sorry. I thought it hanged and needed to restart the phone but you just have to wait. But it is still a hassle so I hope this gets fixed.
  4. Forbidden 403

    Forbidden 403 Well-Known Member

    Same issue being faced by me, i.e. random FC of MAPServiceSamsung which stalls the phone for 10-15 seconds.
    Am on Stock Rom rooted 4.0.3 version LPQ base.

    What about you all can you give info on your os version and kernel version?

    Has anyone tried to freeze it?

    Edit: took a closer look in TiBu. The package name is BluetoothMap.apk
  5. ShaneBough

    ShaneBough New Member

    I also get exactly the same symptoms since I upgraded to 4.0.3 (Build IML74K.XWLP7) on my unbranded SGS2 - whether I use the stock Messaging or the much better Handcent SMS.

    Forbidden403: What's the relevance of the BlueToothMap.apk?
  6. Abilsland

    Abilsland New Member

    I have the same issue. Only started having it when I installed magic locker. Running same os and that as the above.
  7. trusktr

    trusktr Member

    I don't use BlueTooth so I disabled MAPServiceSamsung from starting at startup (with ES File Explorer, the best)... Let's see if there are no problems...
  8. trusktr

    trusktr Member

    So far so good...
  9. jaon

    jaon New Member

    trusktr, did that fix work long term?

    If so, do you mind posting a little bit more detail? I've had this problem and it is infuriating me, causing my phone to freeze while I'm expecting calls to come in, when I'm trying to use Maps to find somewhere, just all the time. I've been searching around and yours is the first post that seems to suggest a fix - so did the fix work? ;)

    If it did, could you clarify:
    * does the phone need to be rooted?
    * I've got ES File Explorer already, but how do you change what starts at startup from there? Or is that something that only becomes available once I've rooted the phone?

  10. robdy2k

    robdy2k Active Member

    Bumping this thread as I have had this fault for what feels like at least 3 months now if not since ICS came out. It's a nightmare, no fixes apparent and totally random when it occurs. This is the reason I have been holding out for Jellybean so badly. I have a feeling it might never come now and am wondering if Samsung want us to suffer with this fault to force us onto new devices!
  11. johndinhnguyen

    johndinhnguyen New Member

    This happens to me all the time. My phone hangs for a while, then that message comes up: "MapServiceSamsung has stopped"

    Is there a fix?

    I'm using a Samsung Galaxy SII on Android 4.0.3
  12. Coldred

    Coldred Member

    I seem to be getting this fault after every text message at the moment any ideas on a fix?
  13. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    MAPServicesSamsung is listed as, "Samsung SMS data provider". Problems with this can arise after a firmware update it would seem. Try deleting all your texts and doing a Factory Reset.

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