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March 6th - get in line for your Atrix

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  1. blinky

    blinky Well-Known Member

    There is a reason AT&T is dropping the Sony Experia from it's lineup on March 6th. Making room for the Atrix. Mark my words.

    March 6.

  2. Snow_Fox

    Snow_Fox Well-Known Member

    Seeing as motorola said 'in the coming weeks'

    I am really hoping your seriously wrong :/
  3. Aaronneyer

    Aaronneyer Well-Known Member

    Better be wrong. My upgrade is February 4th and I really want to get rid of my Backflip.
  4. Pure speculation! The official PRs from AT&T and Motorola clearly state "Q1 2011".

    That means ANY time between now and when they delay it ;)
  5. Emcee

    Emcee Member

    LOL same situation here, except I wait till the 7th.

    It's been a rough year.
  6. Snow_Fox

    Snow_Fox Well-Known Member

    I am hoping to get an upgrade before feb 27.

    curse the lg neon I have >.>;
  7. El Blacksheep

    El Blacksheep Well-Known Member

    I'm locked into a verizon contract until November, but this thing has me thinking early termination fee :(
  8. Snow_Fox

    Snow_Fox Well-Known Member

    If your happy with your device why bother?

    If your not happy ball is totally in your court.
  9. Komodo Rogue

    Komodo Rogue Well-Known Member

    This thread should just be closed. That's the dumbest theory that I have ever heard.

    1. In the past, is that what AT&T always does (drop a phone on the same day as a new phone's release)?

    2. Even if they WERE dropping the xperia to "make room," why would it be the Atrix? AT&T is releasing tons of Android phones this year.

    3. EVERY piece of *OFFICIAL* information points to January.

    MODS: please just close this thread, I don't know if this guy is a troll or not, but this is just stupid and devalues the quality of the forums.
  10. blinky

    blinky Well-Known Member

    I have inside info. Bookmark this page. Come back here on March 6. Do you even know what Q1 2011 means? Probably not. I will enlighten you. Q1 stands for 1st quarter.

    AT&T said this phone will come out in the 1st quarter. AT&T also said that this phone will come out in a few weeks. How many weeks till Mar 6? About 7or8. Do the math. Is this still within the Q1? Yes.

    There will be about a 1 month difference between release dates between HTC Inspire and Motorola Atrix, both released by AT&T.
  11. Baldilocks

    Baldilocks Well-Known Member

    Actually it's 11 weeks until March 6th.

    Look for this phone sooner rather than later. :)
  12. WOW where did your inside info come from because your math is wrong. Besides when one says "in the coming weeks " that usually means less than a months full time. Your scenario would be in the coming Months
  13. blinky

    blinky Well-Known Member

    My information is accurate to within 1 week. However, there is NO way in hell that you are correct with your hopeful thinking. Just because you want the Atrix to come out this month, does not make it so. Absolutely no way it will be out in January. No way. February? No way. Not. Nope. Never. I don't think so. March. Yes.

    Do the math. Look up this thread in 7-8 weeks, and eat your words.
  14. blinky

    blinky Well-Known Member

    Somebody here doesn't know how to count. Check back in 7-8 weeks.
  15. Even if your 8 weeks is correct, once again theres noway its coming in march because Bell Canada is getting it in feb/march and there release document said AT&T would carry it first in January. Also if the phone was announced in full production on Jan 5 and commercials are already airing on tv that usually means 2-4 weeks max. Look at the industry and how phones are worked/marketed. Your inside information is wrong and unless you can prove otherwise no one is gonna take you seriously when all other evidence points otherwise!
    youareme7 likes this.
  16. blinky

    blinky Well-Known Member

    Bell Canada?! Ha. You are so far off with your so called "estimate", that it is actually ROFL funny. And now, you are even claiming that Bell Canada is getting it "feb/march". Yep, "march". So, you can't say "march" without supporting my assertion that this thing is coming out in March. So, your trying to argue against me, but you can't. Now, that IS ROFL funny!
  17. How does it support it?! If Motorola launched the phone during AT&T keynote at CEs that means AT&T gets it first. In the coming weeks means less than a month last time we all checked and the Bell document says AT&T will launch said phone in January. So how does my "rambling" support your unsupported supposed inside info? The best is you dont have a shred of evidence all you say is "my sources" and trust me" who the hell are you and why should we trust you? All other evidence points to the opposite to what you say. You act like you have a track record of being spot on. Just shut the hell up unless you can bring forth proof
  18. Snow_Fox

    Snow_Fox Well-Known Member

    Irony: everyone involved is stating speculation as fact.

  19. Well I never said it was fact just that we at least have some anicdotal evidence unlike him and his "sources"
  20. blinky

    blinky Well-Known Member

    In the coming weeks, could mean two weeks from now, four weeks from now, six weeks, who knows. But you are too stubborn to admit that, as well as, not really in the know anyway. The Bell Canada document says no such thing of which you specifically refer.

    AT&T HTC Inspire - look for it beginning of February.
    AT&T Motorola Atrix - one month later, i.e. March.

  21. I just got an update from my guys at best buy according to them your info is mistaken. Look at the thread. Also yes it does go to boygenius and look at it
  22. Baldilocks

    Baldilocks Well-Known Member

    The software on the ATRIX was already in final trim at CES.
    The HTC Inspire wasn't even allowed to be powered on because the software wasn't ready.

    So, that leads any normal, logical being to deduce that the ATRIX will come first and much sooner than the Inspire.
  23. anexanhume

    anexanhume Well-Known Member

    Why in the world wouldn't you just get the Bionic?

  24. Bionic isn't the same exact phone less ram different screen
  25. anexanhume

    anexanhume Well-Known Member

    You're right, it actually has a slightly bigger screen, plus LTE. 512MB of RAM is still plenty. I will be very surprised if there's any noticeable difference in performance between the two. People are just being spec whores on that number. I'm on AT&T and I'd actually prefer the Bionic for slightly bigger screen and LTE.

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