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Marine navigation app

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  1. spinsheet

    spinsheet Active Member

    I am looking for some kind of marine navigation app. Marine charts with depth, buoys, that type of thing. Is anyone aware of any? I found something called Navigator but it does not seem to show depth or marks (buoys, lighthouses, etc.) unless I'm using it wrong. You can only set waypoint via their lat/long (which is pretty tedious).

    Any thoughts?

  2. carlsonp

    carlsonp New Member

    I have been following this question closely for marine navigation on the great lakes. It looks like Navionics finally put one out for Android, and I'll likely go with that. I'm certainly curious to any other options or others' experience with Navionics'.
  3. Todd157k

    Todd157k New Member

    Geowake is another one. I'm looking at both of them now.
  4. clubmech

    clubmech New Member

    what did u learn?
  5. tradewinds

    tradewinds New Member

    MX Mariner was just released today. It's pretty simple but has been working really well on my Xoom tablet. I'd definitely recommend taking a look especially if you like the look of raster nautical charts like myself and are in the US.

  6. Has it got buoys? Currents? Depths? Reefs? Beacons? Radio frequencies? Compass bearings? Any of that stuff?
  7. gpsskimaps

    gpsskimaps Member

    Make sure that the marine navigation app you get has standard navigation features, allows offline access and uses autonomous GPS. More importantly, always have a backup to account for electronic failures (Paper charts).

    I would recommend the Gps Nautical Charts app for Android

    Marine navigation using Nautical Charts App | Nautical Charts app

    Disclaimer: I was the early beta tester of this app and have had direct discussions with their team.

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