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    Sep 10, 2011
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    Hey all,

    I have several email addresses. I use Windows Live Mail on my PC to manage them all.

    The more important ones are also added to my GS2 through the stock email application. I just bought a Galaxy tab, and when it arrives, I will probably add them to that too.

    The problem is, when I read an email on my phone, it will still show up in WLMail on my PC as unread, and vice versa. That means every time I read email on one device I have to read it again on the other, or at least mark it as read.

    Double dipping like this is tolerable with only 2 devices, but across 3 will be a huge hassle. Is there any way I can make it that email I read on one device will already be marked as read next time I check email on either of the others?


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