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  1. dEris

    dEris Well-Known Member

    It's obvious most Froyo users have updated their Market to the updated version. I'm still waiting for my phone to get the update. Has anyone on Eclair received the Market update yet? If so, post the APK!

  2. isaacj87

    isaacj87 Well-Known Member

    I have installed the new market on my Ascend. It's pretty slow, but I have an .apk that works.

    I don't know the COC for these forums, so I'll just leave a link for you:

    New style Market APK downloads - Android @ MoDaCo

    Obviously, grab the prefroyo version.
  3. isaacj87

    isaacj87 Well-Known Member

    I don't recommend side-loading the update.

    I received an update to the market this morning and now I'm running the latest version (2002207).

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