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Market and all other online applications not running through wifi on samsung galaxy proSupport

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  1. er.vaibhav90

    er.vaibhav90 New Member

    HI to all...:)
    I want a solution of the problem that i m facing that i have been unable to use market and other online applications through wifi on my phone
    Although they run fine when i use 2G or 3G data...but my wifi connection works only for the default browser.....:mad::(
    Plzzzzz help me....thanks in advance

  2. er.vaibhav90

    er.vaibhav90 New Member

    It seems like every1 here just believe in viewing threads nt answering them
  3. RedGT

    RedGT New Member

    Are you sure your router is not blocking the apps in it's settings?
    Why not try on another wifi network maybe at a friends house or on an open
    wifi network in a cafe or at work.

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