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    Damn 3.5.1 Market Application is crap! Wish I could roll it's update back

    Started late last week. I would hang, crash, not load apps to update and then didn't show my apps. Discovered thanks to google f'ing linking my Youtube to my back-up gmail account, I was logged into Market with my youtube account. I deleted my youtube account from the phone, but that didn't fix shit.

    Contacted google support. At least they called me back and talked me through getting it to update my Apps, but I'm still stuck with it defaulting to my hotmail Account and thinking I need updates I don't, and not showing my Apps. Damn thing won't keep the google account as the default, and hangs on an App update 50% of the time. It also crashs from time to time.

    Now the Tech wants me to do a factory re-set on the phone and I'm not doing it when there app updated and now SUCKS a big one.

    Wish they had never linked Youtube to my back-up google account now I'm screwed even worse.

    Can you tell I'm pissed at google? Well if not I AM!

    Here is what the Tech had me do:

    Thanks for contacting me, and it was my pleasure to assist you today. I'm
    glad the we got this issue resolved for you. Below are the steps we did on
    the phone today:

    1. From your home screen, visit Menu > Settings > Accounts & sync, and you
    should see the @youtube account listed. Tap the account, then tap "Remove
    account" at the bottom of the screen.

    2. After removing the account, clear the cache and data of the Market app
    and the Download manager. Here's how:
    - Visit Menu > Settings > Applications > Manage applications
    - Tab over to "All"
    - Select the Market app, and then tap "Clear data" and "Clear cache"
    - Select the Download manager, and then tap "Clear data" and "Clear

    If the issue persists after taking these steps, you may need to perform a
    factory data reset on your device. Please note that this will reset your
    device to its original state.

    While your media content (photos, music, etc.) will not be deleted from
    the SD card, applications and their related data will be uninstalled.

    To perform a factory reset:

    1) Go to Home > Menu > Settings > Privacy (or Phone storage; depends on
    the device)
    2) Press "Factory data reset"
    3) Press "Reset phone"

    After you perform the factory reset, make sure you sign into your device
    with the same primary Google Account you were using before.

    If you have any questions or concerns before performing the reset, or if
    doing so does not resolve the issue, please let me know so I can continue
    to investigate.

    Best Regards,


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