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  1. RichardH

    RichardH Active Member

    I've only just realised that I'm not getting any automatic update notifications relating to apps I've downloaded and installed from the Marketplace.

    I'm running 2.1 update 1 on a T-Mobile G2 Touch. I did restore my apps from a MyBackUp backup after the OTA update a few months ago.

    They all show relevant updates if I go into 'Downloads' but I never get any automated notifications on the top bar on the phone. If I have three or four apps to update, then I do get to see a general updates message appear whilst I am in mid-update, but I never see it otherwise.

    My wife's G1 (running 1.6) manages to do this without any problems.

  2. RichardH

    RichardH Active Member

    Nobody else having a problem with 2.1 update 1 and the notification message icon NOT informing them of updates then? Apart from enabling the option to give me notifications for Market download updates, I don't know what else I can try to resolve this?!

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