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Support market app wont update and no twitter

  1. hexdsl

    hexdsl Active Member


    My Portal is running a freshly installed rom got from the samdroid kitchen yesterday. all is working as usually does however this time the market app has not updsted to the shiny new one. i still have the old market app. have left the app open for hours but still no update.

    also, not sure if this is related but the official twitter app is not showing up on the market at all.

    does anyone have any ideas about what could be wrong? the phone is working perfectly other than these two strange issues.

    can i just download the market/twitter manually? :eek:

    is samdroid kitchen still the best place to get a 100% working rom?

  2. Mackzzor

    Mackzzor New Member

    I got same problem! Got a Galaxy S2, messed around with some ROM's and then wanted to restore to stock firmware. I had an unbranded phone b4 but accidently installed a O2U firmware... How do I fix this?

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