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  1. JohnnyTwoTone

    JohnnyTwoTone Member

    I tried downloading "91 panda home 2" it says download cancelled. Now whenever i reboot my phone or market updates i keep getting "Cancelled download 91 panda home 2" every time in my notification bar.
    How do i get rid of this?

  2. det1726

    det1726 Well-Known Member

    Try settings then applications then choose market. Do force close on it and clear cache. Now you have two options, one being you can reopen the market with a wifi connection and attempt to redownload it as metro pcs 1x data is sometimes so bad and slow that it cannot handle downloading. Your second option is to clear data from the market which may uninstall any updates the market has received but no worries it will most likely re update itself and if not you can always manually update it. Good luck.
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