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Market has gone wild on my phone

  1. david06083

    david06083 New Member

    Hi there . Once, i put my phone which was in market app without locking the screen in my pocket. My leg pressed the update all button and that is where the crazyness started.
    More and more apps want to download and update and they never succeed. I guess the phone can't handle all the requests(there were at first 8 games/apps to install, there are now 25 of them).

    I own an xperia x8.

    This was ok until i figgured out it blocks quite a lot of memory and i can't for instance listen to music and go online in the same time, music stops.

    Anyway to stop this crazyness?

    BTW, if i go into my apps it either malfunctions and i get kicked out of market or it isn't showing me that he is trying to download and install 25 apps/games.



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