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    My Apps in the market has lost track of most of the apps I have installed on my Desire. It should have >100, but is only listing 22. This used to happen regularly a while ago, but the well-known workaround of deleting Market's cache and data, and maybe rebooting, would normally bring My Apps back in sync with reality. This is not working on this occasion though.

    On this occasion, My Apps also has a "new" section where it lists some of my paid apps as Not Installed, even though they are indeed installed!

    I'm running Market 3.4.4 on the Desire.

    The onset of this problem coincides with me activating a nice new Android 3.2 tablet with the same Google account, on which I've installed a subset of the apps I have on the Desire. Note that the apps showing up in My Apps on the Desire does not match the subset that I've installed on the tablet, though there is some commonality between the two subsets.

    Anyone any idea how this has gone wrong, and how I might be able to actually get the Desire's My Apps back in sync?

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    Hi, if you have only tried to access your market account from the onboard app then you are likely to only see the apps associated with this particular device. Have you ever logged into your online account through your PC web browser? If not, go to, sign into your account using your Google credentials followed by clicking on "My Library". This will ghet you into your "master" market account, which should show all apps for all devices you have signed in with. In my library go to "My Order" which will get you to your account and shows a tab named "Settings" - here you should see all devices listed, even ones you no longer use. At least you shouild get an idea of what is going on with your market purchases. There are also options to show/hide a device, push an app to a particular device and so on. If this does not help you will have to resort to more drastic measures and do a factory reset on both devices.
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