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Market: Remove user ratings?

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  1. 93interactive

    93interactive Member This Topic's Starter

    Aug 15, 2010
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    hi there,

    is there a way to remove user ratings from the market, or at least ask google to check them?

    I have made an ex commercial app free after only a few people have bought it, now one of the buyers rated it with 1/5 because he has to watch ads (on one screen)... but should the ratings not be a rating about how good the app is?

    Actually the app is getting quite good ratings, so the user did not much harm, but well, there should be a way to remove ratings that are not about the application, shouldn't it?

  2. elegantbits.team

    elegantbits.team New Member

    Aug 15, 2010
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    Unfortunately there is now such possibility. I noticed that customers often write a feature requests in comments even if official site is available with support form allowing to send feature requests. Moreover, they place bad rating because the application doesn't currently have this feature :) So you'd better get used to this.
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