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  1. theFRAGGLE

    theFRAGGLE New Member

    I use the Virtuous ROM 0.9 on a Desire Z.

    Every time I enter the market app my data connection is stopped (data icon disappears) and starts again after 5-10 seconds.
    During this time the market errors with "no connection available".

    I tried a fresh ROM install, updated to the newest kernel - nothing helps.

    This only happens when entering the market app. No problem with other apps and data connection.

    Is this a known bug?

  2. allixsenos

    allixsenos New Member

    same thing happens to me, on a G2
  3. theFRAGGLE

    theFRAGGLE New Member

    At least this happens to s.o. else! :)
    Maybe we even find a solution or fix?

    I noticed that if I had the market app open ome minutes ago this does not happen.

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