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    Hello to everyone...
    i have a problem with the market on my phone, i have seen in the net, a lot of pictures where they search for something for example "hello" so for this search to themm appears like 300 results, but when i search "hello" appears only 20 results...why is this and how I could fix this thing???

    specially i want some apps that doesnt appear in my market, Skype and Adobe Flash player, and no even one app from the "company" "OKTM"... this is really annoying me...someone knows what could i do? (i already try to seearch for the "market enable" but it didnt found it just like the other apps)

    Some details:
    Im From Chile my cell phone company is "movistar"
    I have a Samsung Galaxy 5 GT-I5500
    The phone came with android 2.1 and I did a Upgrade to android 2.2 (the one on
    other question, this 2.2 version should come with hebrew support right? because even though that I did the upgrade my phone is not supporting it...

    Thank you very much!

  2. spitfirecl

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    Please Help!!!!
    also, someone knows how to fix the gps? becausse since I

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