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Mass Storage in Lubuntu 12.04 LTSGeneral

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  1. treyonator56

    treyonator56 New Member

    Hello everyone. I just rooted my phone, and flashed to the stock ROM, and I can't seem to mass storage anymore. I installed AndroidSDK, and ran adb devices, and my device is listed. I've killed adb servers, and started them again. And I restarted in usb listening mode. I've tried adb remount, and it says remount failed: Operation not permitted. So, I figured it was a permissions error, so I tried it again as root, and it still didn't work. I've also tried adbwireless, with no luck. I'm running out of ideas here, so has any one else gotten it to work? Or do I have to push/pull files through adb? That seems like a pain to me...

  2. DarkJedi

    DarkJedi Well-Known Member

  3. treyonator56

    treyonator56 New Member

    Well, I've learned a lot these last couple of days, and that seems to be mtp based, right? I'm using Gingerbread, so I should be able to use ums still, right? I already have wifi file explorer installed, but its nothing like ums.

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