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Support Mass Storage mode and apps.

  1. Elfshadow

    Elfshadow New Member

    I have this weird problem where apps installed on the internal memory to don't come back on after leaving mass storage mode. I have to reboot the phone to get them back. It's not to big of a problem because I don't think I will actually be transferring files that.

    After leaving mass storage mode I see a media scan being done, then the apps icons start saying not installed when I try to use them. They have generic icons when viewed in the app manager. All the files are accessible though.

  2. kwknott

    kwknott Well-Known Member

    Had that once, I just moved my apps back to system, formated internal memory and moved apps back and it was fine. You will also need to backup any other goodies you have on internal before formating.
  3. Elfshadow

    Elfshadow New Member

    Thanks for the info.
  4. Dark One

    Dark One Well-Known Member

    Are you using Directory Bind or some other symlink program? I had this same problem until I uninstalled Directory Bind, and the last time I used mass storage it worked fine again.
  5. Elfshadow

    Elfshadow New Member

    ES File manager. unistalled it and it the problem went away. Thats annoying.... I liked that app
  6. Murf1

    Murf1 Well-Known Member

    That's odd. ES File Manager is the app I use and have not had any problems with it.:confused:

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