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  1. technomad

    technomad Member

    In the preference there is an option to choose Mass storage only, for some reason even with this checked I have to tap twice on my mobile screen to activate mass storage mode. Surely if you've chosen mass storage mode only then simply attaching the phone to your computer's USB port should activate mass storage mode and your phone's internal and external memory cards should just show up on your computer.

  2. cazman

    cazman Well-Known Member

    I think this isn't a bug but LG's doing, which is pretty stupid and I agree with you, if you've chosen it in the options then it should be pretty obvious that you want it in mass storage mode straight away, maybe this will be another feature that is in or should be included in one of the custom ROM's being made at the moment.
  3. muzicman0

    muzicman0 Well-Known Member

    have you tried multi mount sd-card lite from the market?
  4. sanibel

    sanibel Well-Known Member

    Phone must be rooted, though, right?
  5. muzicman0

    muzicman0 Well-Known Member

    yeah, I guess it does...I'm so used to having rooted phones that I didn't think about that. But it does work very well.


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