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  1. New Member

    i just purchased a samsung replenish and can't figure out how to send a mass text message to all my contacts with my new number? i figured out how to add them one by one but is there a faster way?

  2. sbcass

    sbcass New Member

    Did you ever get a response? I have the same phone and I would like to send mass texts out as well versus sending them one-by-one.
  3. WindEnergy7

    WindEnergy7 Active Member

    I have a large list of people who are not in my phone contact list. I have a CRM system with my customers, can't and don't want all those names in my phone datadase or contact list on my gmail. Seems like most of these only work with numbers in the contact list. Aaarrgghh.

    I want to just take that list of numbers, maybe names, and create a single text message, send to them all at once. What app can do that? Like import a text list or paste a text list and BAM!

    There are services online but they don't send from your phone and properly identify you as the sender, thus responses go to a web site??

    Any Ideas?

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