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  1. HTCVividUser

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    I have searched the forums for a similar problem and cannot find something comparable to what I am experiencing and hoping someone out there has recommendations.

    I was a loyal iPhone user for years and recently switched from an iPhone 4 (3G) to an HTC Vivid (4g). My carrier is AT&T. I consistently used 180MB - 200MB per month with my iPhone where I get on Facebook, have email pushed every 5 mins on 5-7 accounts, use google maps to navigate, get on the internets (joke), and make the occasional phone call. I have the same behavior with my new HTC Vivid and I used 200MB in less than 4 days. I upgraded my plan to 2GB, and have ran through that in 20 days. I am now upgrading again and have about 15 days left in my billing cycle. I anticipate I will use about 4GB in 30 days with the HTV Vivid, compared to 200MB with my old iPhone. Note, have not changed the way I use my phone, and the data usage is gradual over the month rather than a one time pop in usage.

    So my question is why such an extreme difference? I have 30 days to return the phone but love it and do not want to. However, I won't pay an extra $45 per month in data fees to have the HTC Vivid. I am better off canceling my contract and switching to Verizon and getting an iPhone again to "save" money.

    I have spoken to AT&T several times, they have been very kind, but they perhaps assume I am tooling around on Pandora all day off of wi-fi which is not the case.

    Here is what they told me to do:

    1. Download Task Killer App, which I did and it works great.

    2. Disable Background Services, which I did but that means i cannot get email, browse the internet, etc without enabling it each and every time I am off wifi connection.

    3. Re#2 above, this solution did not prevent BG apps/services from running in the background. Even though my BG services are disabled, I currently have 15-20 running including Google Maps, ATT Navigator, Pandora, Google Voice, etc. Note: I only use Google maps on a regular basis. Background services continue to restart when I close them. To be clear, I click on Google maps from running services, close it, and it immediately restarts.

    4. And my favorite, "Android phones use more data than iphone" platform. Yes I can accept that, but 4 GB and $45 per month more?

    Why are background apps constantly running and restarting even if I do not use them? My battery life is maybe 6 hours of regular use. Is my phone defective? I simply want to use my Vivid like I did my iPhone by checking email, using maps once in a while, getting on FB, etc. It seems they may not understand what the problem is with the new 4G phones quite yet and doing their best to provide a solution, but they haven't figured it out yet.

    Input very much appreciated! Love the Vivd, but not going to keep it unless I can use it like I did my other phone and get the data usage under control.
    Thank you!!!

  2. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor Guide

    1. Task Killer recommendation is crap. Depending on the tasks you kill, you could end up using more data because of that. Killing certain apps which aren't really running but cached to memory would cause the system to think that the app crashed and just reboot that app, which may cause it to ping the internet again if its that type of app.

    2. Disable background services of course is a bit of a trouble for you so no to that.

    3. It depends on what apps you have running. Maybe you have them at push immediately and some such? I went through this phase as well when I got my first Android. when I burned out my battery in less than 7hrs. After a bit of reading and tweaking my phone's usage, I now manage to eke out approx 15hrs out of it on moderate usage.

    The main difference is how you have set up the active data sync for each of the apps you have installed. Some may be syncing every 5min, causing them to ping at that time.

    Background apps restart because of the interconnection between the services.
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  3. aysiu

    aysiu Well-Known Member

  4. HTCVividUser

    HTCVividUser Member

    Okay great, thanks for the response. I am not sure how to tell what the settings are for each app and the frequency of the push of data. It sounds like I may be able to adjust this for each app. Note, the iphone simply shut down and didn't push when I had the phone in screensaver. This could be an android setting that I need to adjust.

    Also, I have my peak times set from 5am to 10pm M-F. Specifically for email- email is set to pull every 5 minutes during peak times and every hour during non peak times. Other services than email do not pull during off peak times with my settings. I can adjust email to pull every 30 mins or so during peak hours, thank you for that.

    It seems like there could be something else going on to explain the extra 1.8GB of data usage? Guessing here, does anyone think this is due to the restarting of the background apps? Or should I be looking elsewhere?
  5. HTCVividUser

    HTCVividUser Member

    Aaw, 2 votes for no task killers. When I click "force close" it does decrease the available memory. Thanks for the input your data usage. I am going to be well above that this month but not really doing anything on the phone. I'll keep digging.
  6. dan330

    dan330 Well-Known Member

    read the link about.. not using task killer.. is very important.
    android is different..... dont worry about background apps. they aint doing you NO harm. they are not active...forget about it! task killers can cause your phone to act funny and eat up battery life.

    usage.. guessing...
    - your phone has widgets.. weather and stuff... these are updating info as set by you. take a look at your widgets.
    - this is a new phone and new toy.. .you might be doing a little more than you did with you "old" device. at first your play time is more.. it will die down over time. but android is fun and has lots to offer... it might be a while before you get bored.
    - you are setting up new apps.. downloading them...

    there are apps that watch your data consumption... i think they are free.. look in the market and try some of them. PS.. when on Wifi :p
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  7. HTCVividUser

    HTCVividUser Member

    Yes, I agree, I am playing with the new toy more and more so I will use more data. Hopefully it will slow down. I still can't find how to check what is using the most data.

    However, with regard to battery, I found a great tool that tells me battery life and which apps are draining it the fastest. For anyone else out there, go to Settings > About Phone > Battery. You will have an option to view apps that consume the most battery. I also downloaded Juice Defender which seems to work great. I would never get through a night without losing 50% of my battery (with minimal services/apps running) and I was left with 90% this morning after install yesterday. Seems to work great.
  8. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor Guide

    You could use JuiceDefender or GreenPower. Basically these are apps that turn off data when screen is off, with a window every 15min to see if some apps want to sync. These can save on data and battery power. However you won't get real time updates on stuff.
  9. HTCVividUser

    HTCVividUser Member

    Update Saturday Dec 24:
    I have been monitoring data usage by installing a data manager. I also installed Juice Defender. I am using the native Task Killer when not connected to Wifi to ensure no apps are using data after I close them.

    Here are a few new things that I have discovered for others having similar problems:

    1. AT&T clarified that 4G phones do not use more data, they just allow you to download faster. They say no additional data will be used. However, they cannot control the settings and a rogue app may be using more data, which is why I installed a data monitor.

    2. AT&T says no additional data should be used on an android phone vs an iPhone.

    3. I am always connected to WiFi when at home - yet data is being sent over 4G every 30 minutes when I am sleeping. AT&T is researching why this happens and will get back to me by Jan 4, 2012. I will post an update then. This data will equate to approximately 19MB per month, which is tough because I have a 200MB data plan (not Gigs). I would like to know what it is and why it is pulling over 4G and not WiFi.

    4. My data monitor shows games and maps using the most data, approx 27MB over 4 days. I have cut my usage and try to connect to WiFi whenever possible.

    5. Data monitor shows Downloads using the most data over WiFi, then Facebook, games, maps, android market, and more. But it's on WiFi so it doesn't matter. This could have been a significant issue with my original overages of 4GB and has stopped if I download on WiFi.

    Please post if you have any advice or words of wisdom.
  10. dan330

    dan330 Well-Known Member

    i am interested to know... about the night time data.. over 4G.. when connected to wifi.

    get automateit app... free
    have it kill 4G radio when at home (this should stop the night time issue)
    turn on wifi when at home
    kill wifi when not at home
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  11. HTCVividUser

    HTCVividUser Member

    Great thank you for the suggestion. I finally have a solution. I downloaded Juice Defender Ultimate ($4.99) which sounds very similar to what you were suggesting. I was previously using the free version. The JDU settings allow me to set up a preferred WiFi network AND always remain connected. I understand this drains battery a little bit but it was only 1% of my total life over the period of 1 evening while asleep. The preferred WiFi settings allow me to set a time period for WiFi to connect before any data is sent/received while at that preferred location. So, I am now not charged against my Data, WiFi connects first, then shuts off to save battery. The one question remains - what was sending data in the first place? AT&T is looking into this, i'll post if I find an answer for others with the same problem.
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  12. dave6

    dave6 New Member

    4 gb sounds like a lot. Some apps like market and sugarsync allow you to specify to only sync on Wi-Fi. I got a warning from att and realized it was sugarsync syncing my files. I also disable background sync when not needed, turning on for short periods to sync before I'm ready to use phone.
    I'm having problems with ics upgrade, gmail, browser & tumblr apps crash, don't send reports.
  13. Saltine713

    Saltine713 Well-Known Member

    Simply turn off the data radio when not needed. Turn it on when you want to check email or whatever. I have 200 MB as well on the Inspire, and I'm doing fine here. I keep all data off until I want to check something, then turn it on. Plus I don't turn on auto-sync or background data.

    I have access to Wifi pretty much everywhere I go, especially from Optimum Wifi hotspots. So I don't really worry.
  14. samny

    samny New Member

    Also Try this: GooglePlay > Menu > Settings > Update over Wi-Fi Only
  15. pablo Truji

    pablo Truji New Member

    Hi all

    I am new to this forum but I have a similar problem since I haunt my cell.

    Model: HTC vivid
    Carrier: att
    Internet plan: 5 gigabytes

    Since I have it notice that sometimes the OS will use internet but it uses a lot of internet. Last month in internet it used one third of my total. Since I noticed this problem I download one application that is called MY DATA MANAGEMENT which basically tells me what uses the internet. I use internet for google maps, webmail, a few internet videos and sometimes Skype (the reason for streaming), that is basically all. I don't play games or listen to internet radio.

    Yesterday I used a lot of google maps since I travelled and look at the stats from MY DATA MANAGEMENT. I did not watch any video or anything. And it incremented the following in OS services.

    OS services: 1,73 gigabytes
    Streaming (transmisi
  16. PianoTechRPT

    PianoTechRPT Member

    Liked the idea of checking which app is using power, but it was under Settings--Power--Battery Use on my phone, a HTC Vivid w/ Android 4.0.3 & HTC 3.6.

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