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  1. Firehawk70

    Firehawk70 New Member

    I tried putting an image of screenshot but my first post can't have one - so here's a sorta link -- www dot buffalochoralarts dot org / IMGP5107.JP

    I got a text from AT&T telling me I was over my 3GB and they were gonna start throttling me. I downloaded some data app checkers and 2 separate apps tell me that Contacts is the big culprit? 2.6GB in one month. This makes no sense.

    I checked all my phone bills for last 2 years of iPhones and never exceeded 1.5 GB in a month, and that was a high month - now one single application on my phone is 2.6GB in less than 30 days and I didn't even incur the data use?

    I have a growing list of complaints that will probably find my Atrix2 on ebay before the year's out. I can't believe I was complaining about iPhone before I bought this thing.

  2. razholio

    razholio Well-Known Member

    something is probably grossly misconfigured. I would suspect a 3rd party app has not been set to wifi-only and is uploading all your pics/vid or something of that nature. I have my atrix2 on wifi most of the time, but do use it on wireless some as well and rarely exceed 100MB/mo. My iphone, with less usage (no auto-updating widgets) consistently topped 200MB/mo with inexplicable data usage.
  3. itsallgood

    itsallgood Well-Known Member

    I agree with razholio. Use this app, "My Data manager" and it will let you see which apps are using data. From the list, you can see all the apps that are and either change the settings int hat app or remove it from you phone. With Android, you do have to configure your phone and android phones do use more data then an iPhone with just day to day use. I can't explain why your contacts are using up so much data. I'm willing to bet that other apps. are using your contacts as well.
  4. Firehawk70

    Firehawk70 New Member

    Thanks for the tip - I was using My Data Manager - that's what told me that Contacts used 2.6 GB in one month. Unfortunately, that's not very specific. I think Contacts appears as the app name, but other things are inside it - including things like Google, Facebook and anything even remotely related to contacts - maybe even the Google+ service that uploads photos for all I know.

    I tried another app and it gave me a little more detailed listing of Contact's inside apps, but still didn't say which app used which bandwidth, just gave a list of them with the big 2.6 GB at the top.

    The good news is that it dropped in April and May, but still was 747 MB for what I consider "no reason".

    It's funny - I went back to AT&T store and played with a Windows phone and with the old iPhone4 again (used to have one) and I found enough issues with every phone to know that I'm not happy with any of them. iPhone screen is too small after using an Atrix2, Windows doesn't so some things intuitively that others do, and with Android I just can't get it quite right - no app does what I want/need for the main functions (calendar, text, email, browser, keyboard). No keyboard app is as slick as the iPhone's was.
  5. HiImToni

    HiImToni New Member

    My husband has had a Droid for awhile and I just got one. He had me download "advanced Task Killer" and adjust the settings to my likings. Basically you click on Kill selected apps periodically and it helps not use your data minutes. I am in the same boat as you with AT&T and I tap into WiFi everywhere I can and limit my use on the internet if I do not have Wifi. The dang apps are using our minutes even when we are not using them. I have the pro version because he downloaded it for me from the internet and I am not sure if it costs normally or not but the non pro is a free app. Hope this helps!
  6. Tinkerman61

    Tinkerman61 Member

    After updating a bunch of apps the other day, the same thing happened to me. Huge data usage by the contacts app and I cant figure out what is causing it all of the sudden. I have uninstalled the apps I remember updating, but still no change in the data usage. Anyone have any ideas how to stop this?

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