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  1. A55tronaught

    A55tronaught Member

    Hi guys im pretty new here so heres my problem:

    Ive been using the Samsung Galaxy S3 (3G) for the past few weeks with no problems and i have just purchased the Samsung Galaxy S3 (4G).

    Well first off one of the main things bothering me is not being able to change the standing application row at the bottom (phone, contacts, messaging, internet) u cant swap these with YOUR application of desire. Anyone know a way around this bullshit?

    Secondly All the apps i purchased such as Swiftkey 3 doesnt work on the 4G version along with the majority of my other apps.

    Finally whenever i hold down apps on the home screen to move them around suppose the top section this annoying text pops up telling me to long press and use the edit function to move apps around and blocks the section where i want to move the app to on the screen. Any way of turning off this??

    So what do you guys suggest i wait for samsung to get their shit together or return the phone and stay with the 3G handset?

  2. A55tronaught

    A55tronaught Member

    Forgot to mention that the phone is with Optus an Australian telecommunications company and the model is GT-I9350
  3. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon Moderator

    Welcome to the forums! :)

    I moved your thread here, this forum matches the model you describe - the other was for an older phone, and I didn't want to see you go ignored.

    I wish I had answers to your questions, that all sounds frustrating. I'll keep an eye out for those issues for you, hope this helps.
  4. A55tronaught

    A55tronaught Member

    Thanks for that!
    The versions are all over there place and samsung is lacking any consistency you cant even restore from say the 3G version onto the 4G phone so your forced to go through all the small customizations you did -.-
  5. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon Moderator

    Oh, I hear you there!
  6. wayneholbrook

    wayneholbrook Well-Known Member

    Very confused. The G3 that AT&T is selling which version is that?
  7. A55tronaught

    A55tronaught Member

    The latest version of samsung galaxy s3, the 4G LTE versions that just got released in the Australian market, for anyone thinking of getting it DONT! They did some revamps of the interface and settings and its just messy, congested and unfriendly.

    Im returning it and reusing my 3G one, anyways the extra network speed isnt worth half the apps not working and having to put up with the Nazi interface they've implemented.
  8. A55tronaught

    A55tronaught Member

    Just figured out what the issues where.... i received one of the first jelly bean handsets released in Australia(or world?) the thought that i returned the phone for a 3G one is just depressing -.- im sure their gonna patch it soon if you just got one..

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