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Massive network problemsSupport

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  1. IveJustPooed

    IveJustPooed New Member

    I bought the galaxy S3 yesterday on 3.
    Since then i've been trying to use the phone as a phone, but I can't make
    any calls, texts, emails or do any browsing of any sort.

    Although I have about 50% signal, i'm only allowed to make 999 calls.
    I've tried connecting to the 3 (3G) network manually, but my sim doesn't
    allow it.

    I've reset the phone / took out battery / took out sim many many times but
    to no avail.

    Any suggestions will be very much appreciated.

  2. kevindroid

    kevindroid Well-Known Member

    first welcome to the forum. try another sim or try your sim in another phone. this will isolate the problem to phone or sim.
  3. IveJustPooed

    IveJustPooed New Member

    I would do that, but my old phone has and uses the old, bigger sim, so I can't change them round very easily
  4. UserName872

    UserName872 Well-Known Member

    Who is your carrier? Are you trying to use a SIM from an existing phone or is this a new line of service? Have you contacted your carrier?
  5. IveJustPooed

    IveJustPooed New Member

    I'm with 3, its a UK provider. They gave me the sim 2 days ago when I got the phone
  6. dan55

    dan55 Well-Known Member

    sounds like a dodgy sim, or they didnt enable/transfer your number over maybe ?
  7. IveJustPooed

    IveJustPooed New Member

  8. annebrooks64

    annebrooks64 Well-Known Member

    If you are transferring your old sim card number over on to another sim card with 3 you have to call customer services to activate it. All the details will be in the pack with the new sim card. It isn't done automatically. Very likely the replacement sim they gave you is a blank and will stay that way until you activate it.

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