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Matrix One - Questions

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  1. yensed

    yensed New Member

    I was checking out Engadget tonight and came across This. I never heard of the Matrix One till an hour ago and am now trying to hold back from making an impulse purchase till I know more. I have been tempted to get a pure "Vanilla" android tablet for a while now and was excited about the Nexus 7 till I seen it lacks the only three things I would prefer to use a Tablet for instead of my Phone. HDMI Out(Netflix and HBOGo), SDHC slot(Audio + Visual storage) and Rear Camera(Would use to Deposit Checks into Bank Account like I currently do with Phone). At $129 (Model I want) I can forgive the lack of Rear Camera and Bluetooth on the Matrix One. And if it works for what I want it to do I don't care just how ugly it is. In-fact, I would embrace the Ugliness of the thing and buy the Smurf-Blue one. What I can't seem to find out is if I can use it this way? And I noticed it has the Amazon Appstore in some of the screenshots so unless it somehow blocks "unknown sources" I should be able install the latest Google Play APK - right?

    P.S. Apparently I'm New. I would have bet big money I already had an account but I guess I've just been browsing in the shadows for that long..

  2. breadnatty08

    breadnatty08 pain rustique VIP Member

    Welcome out of lurker status, yensed. :)
    It looks like a decent tablet, but for me, I'd rather throw down a bit more cash and buy something from a reputable manufacturer. Also, 512Meg of RAM on a 4.0 device? I'd be really wary about how well it can run.
  3. yensed

    yensed New Member

    Thanks for the Welcome :). And 512 would worry me too. The version I was looking at is $130 with 1GB of Ram and 16GB Storage.
  4. mikedt

    mikedt 你好 Guide

    Is this a cheap off-brand Chinese device? - with all that entails. Who exactly is Direct Merchandise Marketing, A Chinese wholesaler?

    I'm suspicious.
  5. brucehalmighty

    brucehalmighty New Member

    I think I have this device you speak of. Says Matrix on the box but the Device has 'super sonic' on the back. Boss picked it up at Big lots for $100. Its a 7' tablet with android 4.0 He thought it was lame ( he has an ipad) so he gave it to me to check out and play with.
    Its OK, has several issues, but then again its no Nexus 7 which I really want. Google Play shows it as "unkown SC-MID 72" when I download apps to it. Alot of apps aren't compatible. It has WIFI issues so I don't get to do much on it.
    Recomendations, spend a little more and get a Nexus.

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