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  1. Swiggy

    Swiggy Member

    Hey everyone,

    I am having a little trouble loading offline Maverick Maps. I have tried following the instructions here but still am having trouble. I use the Atlas creator like this youtube video shows, but once I create the atlas then copy the tiles to the SD card nothing happens. Am I suppose to copy more than just the (.jpg) tiles to the maverick folder? Any help would be great.

  2. Zbig

    Zbig Well-Known Member

    Do you select proper atlas type (Maverick) in Mobile Atlas Creator? Are your folders on an SD card named correctly, like in this instruction: Online Help: Maverick: Setting up offline maps ? Mobile Atlas Creator names the tile folders differently - you have to manually copy the files to the appropriately named folders on a card.
  3. monkegeo

    monkegeo Active Member

  4. Swiggy

    Swiggy Member

    Okay, I was not selecting the proper type. But after you create the atlas do you copy anything out of the "atlases" folder or is it strictly just from the "tilestore" folder, or vise versa?
  5. Zbig

    Zbig Well-Known Member

    "Tilestore" is the Atlas Creator's cache - you don't copy this to the card. Just take a look on the "atlases" folder and copy the files from the "Google Maps" subfolder to the "/maverick/tiles/googlemaps" folder on your SD card, from "Mapnik" to "/maverick/tiles/mapnik", from "Microsoft Hybrid" to "/maverick/tiles/microsoft_hybrid", and so on, using proper folder names from the Maverick tutorial page mentioned before.

    I've sent the Maverick's author an e-mail and he told me that the app's tilestore will be moved to SQLite database in the next versions so it should be easier in the future.

    Also, don't use the TrekBuddy Atlas Creator 1.6 beta 5 linked on the Maverick webpage. Use the newer version from here: TrekBuddy - J2ME application for GPS tracking instead.
  6. rosemore

    rosemore Member

    Sorry but I am confused. There are numerous folders in the Atlas folder. Each contains numerous x.png.tile files. Can the folders be simply copied to the Maverick Google Tile folder on the sdcard?

    How do you open your Atlas in Maverick or know if it is being used?


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