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  1. DSwigston

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    Have just found Maverick Maps for My Samsung Galaxy 2.0 7 tablet , and it says that when you scroll round, the maps are saved automatically for offline use. That seems unbelievable to me - as you could scroll all over the place and it would keep saving the maps that were displayed and that's not necessarily what I want Is there anyone with a good knowledge of Maverick maps? Also, is there a way of saving the offline maps onto my SD card, rather than the tablet's memory?

  2. acegeezer

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    I found this.. any good?

    Maverick: Setting up offline maps

    Maverick automatically cached map after downloading. For a small area, just connect to Wi-Fi and scroll map to place you are planning to visit. Every downloaded tile saved to SD card and will be available without Internet connection.

    SQLite support is coming soon. Right now FAT 32 with 2048 bytes cluster size is recommended format for SD card, since maps are stored in many small files.

    1. Download maps with Atlas Creator. YouTube video guide: TrekBuddy Atlas Creator 1.6 beta 1 - YouTube

    2. Copy maps to SD card while keeping the following folders structure:


    Complete folder structure:

    photos in jpg format
    /your_map_name - Any map mame since Maverick Pro 2.0
    Custom 1
    /Custom 2 - Custom maps since Maverick Pro 1.8
    /Custom 3
    tracks in gpx format

    Also supported: Ovi/Nokia, Multimap UK, Outdooractive (Germany, Austria, South Tyrol), Cykloatlas (Czech Republic, Slovakia) maps. Just copy atlas folder to maverick/tiles.

    3. Select the appropriate map by tapping on the Maps button in the top left corner.

    Map Tile Packs
    You can also download complete map tile packs in AndNav format.
    To convert these maps for use in Maverick:
    For PC:
    Download and install Extension Changer.
    Right click on folder and select Edit the Extension.
    Click Yes when asked to include subfolders.
    Enter tile as extension and click Change.
    Copy maps to SD (step 2).

    I think you can also "save" google maps for offline use .
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  3. acegeezer

    acegeezer Member

    I think you can also "save" google maps for offline use .

    sorry appears to have double-posted!

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