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  1. seanspotatobusiness

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    My headset is an Altec MZX206 which has only 16 ohm impedance. Nonetheless, the sound through my headset is not always sufficient (if I'm listening to an audiobook while walking in the city). I would like a way to increase the 3.5 mm jack volume beyond it's supposed maximum. I've had mp3 players before which had volume limiters which could be overridden when necessary. Is there such a thing for Android on the U8150?

  2. nu2andy

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    What's it like if you use the headset provided with the phone?
    I would imagine the output from the phone will be limited by the work it is doing and the power of the battery, after all it can't be compared to a dedicated music player. Neil.
  3. nu2andy

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  4. charlesfox

    charlesfox New Member

    I have just worked through this problem so here's a solution for anyone who finds this page in future.

    There are two approaches to increase the volume: either modify the AudioFilter.csv file on the phone, which contains the volume limitations; or upgrade the OS to Gingerman (the open source mod of Gingerbread) which has a lovely DSP app built in, which can be used to make the same edits graphically.

    Both options require rooting the phone first.

    I didn't quite make it to fixing the headphone level with the csv file, although I got the speaker under its control -- at that point I switched to installing Gingerman, which I think is the better solution. My phone now has full volume so I can hear my music on the train.

    (The important thing to note is that when rooting, use rageagainstthecage but realise that it is nondeterministic, it relies on exploiting a race condition so might only work one in ten attempts. Just keep trying until it gets you in.)
  5. charlesfox

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