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  1. adamkse

    adamkse Active Member


    i installed the MIUI X-PART rom today and its pretty cool.

    i did the a2sd stuff with the terminal finishing with a2sd reinstall.

    when my phone restarted all the apps on my phone were unable to open, including the terminal. the market is still there so i tried to download the terminal again and to a check but it says insufficient space when i try to install it.

    when i check the internal memory it says 875mb available.

    any ideas on how i can fix this?

    edit: apologies about the typo in the title

  2. Rastaman-FB

    Rastaman-FB Well-Known Member

    875mb internal memory?

    you using a2sd or data2sd/data2ext/data2w
  3. adamkse

    adamkse Active Member

    my kernel version is so i guess data2ext?
    sorry im a n00b.
  4. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    You can't use a2sd if you are using data2ext.

    Remove a2sd. It's conflicting with data2ext mounting the ext.

    You're supposed to remove a2sd before implementing data2ext.

    If the Rom is data2ext, where did you get a2sd anyway?

    Or are you adding data2ext yourself?
  5. adamkse

    adamkse Active Member

    in my sd information there is a section called A2SD+ and shows 0.92GB which is what I created so just assumed that it was there.

    is there a way i can remove the a2sd without the terminal emulator?

    i didnt add anything myself as far as i know, just flashed the rom then did the a2sd commands in the terminal
  6. Staggers

    Staggers Well-Known Member

    xavierjohn22's MIUI comes in 3 versions: a2sd+, data2ext (aka x-part) and data2whatever.

    If you've flashed the x-part then that's all you need. a2sd doesn't come into play at all. If you check your internal storage using QSI, Titanium or something similar it will report some "a2sd" storage, but it's really referring to your /data partition which is now totally moved to the ext on your sd card.

    As SUroot pointed out above, putting a2sd into your setup has caused conflict. If you're unsure how to remove the a2sd script I suggest you wipe everything and reinstall the x-part (data2ext) version.
  7. adamkse

    adamkse Active Member

    yeah i understand now. thanks guys. i will just start again.
  8. ducky1979

    ducky1979 Well-Known Member

    What is battery like on miui? And I mean just basic battery life, I know everyone's usage is different but just like to know what you think? Also what table is best for miui? And is data2ext better than a2sd?
  9. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    Not in my opinion. It's laggy at times. No problem with running out of memory though. But on aosp Roms, data loss is always a risk although this risk has been reduced a lot lately
  10. Staggers

    Staggers Well-Known Member

    Battery life on stock kernel is pretty good I think. Haven't done any benchmarks with Current Widget or the like, but I get a full day's medium usage and more without any excessive fiddling to keep drain low.

    No specific partition table required. ROM fits in a system part of 130MB, but with data2ext and a 1GB ext, I have no reason to fiddle with custom tables or MTDs as I have loads of app space, so I've stuck with the Bravo Sense table.

    Boot time is longer with data2ext than with a2sd, however.
  11. adamkse

    adamkse Active Member

    well i think i took it of the charger about 9-10 hours ago and have had very little usage, the battery just now is at 54% so i guess its pretty average. doesnt really bother me too much as long as it makes it to the end of the day
  12. ducky1979

    ducky1979 Well-Known Member

    do you have to run the a2sd command from terminal emulator for the a2sd to work with this rom?
  13. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    That moves dalvik on dark tremor a2sd. A2sd already works before doing that.

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