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maybe water damage?Support

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  1. smith373394

    smith373394 New Member

    Hello, I recently baught this phone. I have a balistic case and a screen protector. Well some how a "splash" of water got on the screen, now my microphone does not work at all, I tried using the headphones that I got with the phone and it will not recognise any voice input either.. im going to try and let it dry in rice tonight. the phone still works completely normal just cannot speak. please help!

  2. 129260

    129260 Well-Known Member

    try it let it be turned off with a fan blowing on it to dry it. Don't use it for a bit. I have gotten multiple phones wet before. Secret is to do nothing and keep it off and dont use it. Just let it dry. For a serious case, bag or bowl of rice will suck the moisture out..

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