Maylong M-270 Pc Tablet Root Achieved

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  1. twistedgeminid

    twistedgeminid Well-Known Member

    ok so i got this maylong m270 tablet pc and wanted to make a thread for rooting it. i know its a generic tablet but it actually runs very well. the cool part is the keyboard lol, at least to me it is. ok, to start things off, i take no credit for this method as i stumbled acrossed it trying to root this tablet, the actual website i got the method from is here here is wat i did. i downloaded pdanet(my dropbox link below) it and installed drivers for the tablet then downloaded this zip and click the runme.bat follow the on-screen directions then sit back and watch your tablet achieve root. it will reboot a few times but no worries. i know this isnt very in-depth but the procedure wasnt very hard itself so i think people should have no problem with this.titanium backup and Superuser confirmed root status

  2. phandross

    phandross New Member

    Thanks for the walkthrough twistedguide! I have also successfully achieved root on the maylong m-270 thanks to your great advice!

    Here is my most important question so far: Have you installed a rom onto your tablet yet? This is where I'm lost, because I can't find a supported rom.

    Today I also found something out... If you leave the tablet in your car the oils somehow bake to the surface and the touchscreen stops working in certain spots, I had to clean it REALLY good before it started working again.

    I'm also working on getting adhoc to work, I tried following a guide: but its outdated, and our version of android (4.0.3) has the wifi supplicant folder inside the wifi folder,I think I may be super close to getting it to work though, with the right advice.
  3. twistedgeminid

    twistedgeminid Well-Known Member

    unfortunately no. since its a generic tablet, not much support which is a shame cuz its a good tablet. i wasnt even able to get custom recovery on it, but it just being able to be rooted helped tremendously cuz you can now freeze/remove those useless apps. sorry i cant help, but keep looking, maybe somebody will make a rom for it. i would have but i have no idea how to
  4. hillbilly0ne

    hillbilly0ne New Member

    would you be able to upload your abd drivers my tablets ts isnt functioning right now?

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