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  1. andremuller

    andremuller Active Member

    After a long long story, I got the unlock codes for my Galaxy.

    They sent me the NCK code (that the system prompts with a SIM from another carrier).
    I have inserted the NCK code and my phone looks unlocked.
    But sometimes it continuously show the roaming icon in the status bar.

    They also sent me a MCK code.
    Where and for what is this code? Does anyone know?
    Is the MCK not informed that's causing the "roaming"?

    Thanks! :confused:

  2. andremuller

    andremuller Active Member

    Does anyone know what MCK code is?
  3. informale

    informale Well-Known Member

  4. andremuller

    andremuller Active Member

    I had, but most of the results (if not all of them) are just ads of unlock services.
    Or its just my bad english... :^(

    One of these ads had a procedure of unlocking and it was exactly what I did with my Galaxy.
    And it does not use the MCK code...

    I just know that the MCK is an unlock code...

    NCK = Network Control Key
    MCK = ?????
  5. informale

    informale Well-Known Member

    How about that (although it's for different Samsung model)

    You should consider contacting Samsung Customer Support.
  6. screaminbug

    screaminbug Well-Known Member

    Not that it really matters, but this could be (and it's a wild guess really) manufacturer control key.
  7. andremuller

    andremuller Active Member

    I got it from a Samsung employee.

    MCK is the code you should input when you locked your phone trying too many times typing the wrong NCK.

    So it's kind of the unlock for the locked unlock screen... (!!?!?!?!?!) :^O
  8. Burntmale

    Burntmale New Member

  9. peppesiciliano

    peppesiciliano New Member

    Hello, NCK is Network Code Key, MCK is Master Code Key. The MCK allows you to unlock the phone when it goes on the block for any type of incorrect code that is inserted

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