Me tablet swallowed me SD card

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  1. Trarak_Voss

    Trarak_Voss New Member

    I have an el-cheapo android tablet and it has swallowed my external mini SD card (possibly I was a little forceful) - now I can't see how to get into the tablet but the USB socket works fine - is there any way to use a USB Flash stick to work the same as the miniSD - Total beginner here folks.:rolleyes:

  2. Yes. They operate identically.
    But a stick..., well... sticks out!
  3. Tarak_Voss

    Tarak_Voss New Member

    Thanks for that :)
  4. Tarak_Voss

    Tarak_Voss New Member

    I can see umpteen instructions on how to move apps to an external SD card - how about moving to an external USB storage.

    There are some answers to this question on the net saying "You can do it." but I can't seem to find instruction on how ?:D
  5. Should be the same.
    Afaik an external SD card = flash memory, a.k.a. SSD = external USB storage. Only the connector, USB, is different.
    However, when on the USB volume the app is stored. I don't expect it to be able to run from there (haven't tried) like it can from the SD card.
  6. Tarak_Voss

    Tarak_Voss New Member

  7. That article is 2 years and several hard- and software iterations old...
    Applicable to Android 2.2 (Froyo). Currently Android is at version 4.1.1 Jellybean...
    Although there will of course still be many 2.2 users out there.

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