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  1. tatubias

    tatubias Well-Known Member

    Here are some Technical Hardware specification of the main micro processor Amlogic AML8726-M.

    General Description

    AML8726‐M device is designed for the connected MID, tablet, STB, and TV applications. It integrates a power CPU, a 2D/3D graphics subsystem and a state‐of‐the arts video decoding engine with all major peripherals to form the ultimate multimedia SoC.

    The application processor is an ARM Cortex‐A9 CPU with L1 instruction and data cache and a large L2 unified cache to improve system performance. In addition, the Cortex‐A9 CPU includes the NEON SIMD co‐processor to improve software media processing capability. The ARM Cortex‐A9 CPU can run up to 1GHz and has a wide bus connecting to the memory sub‐system.

    The graphics subsystem consists of two graphic engines and a flexible video/graphics output pipeline. The ARM Mali‐400 GPU handles all the OpenGL ES 2.0 and OpenVG graphics programs, while the 2.5D graphics Engine handles additional scaling, alpha, rotation and color space conversion operations. The video output pipeline can perform advanced image correction and enhancements. Together, the CPU and GPU handle all operating system, networking,user‐interface and gaming related tasks.

    Three additional processors offload the Cortex‐A9 CPU by handling all audio and video decoding processing – the MediaCPU and two MediaDSPs. The audio optimized MediaCPU is available for audio decoding to off‐load computation tasks from the ARM Cortex‐A9 CPU. The video decoder sub‐system can decode all HD video formats.

    H.264, RealVideo, MPEG 1/2/4, VC‐1/WMV and JPEG/MJPEG streams are processed by dedicated hardware together with the flexible dual MediaDSP engines. In addition to video decoding, the video decoding engine is also capable of decoding JPEG pictures with no size limitation.

    A crypto‐processor accompanies the CPU and media decoding engines to handle encrypted traffic and media streams. The cryptographic processor provides hardware based random number generator and supports DES, 3DES, AES and DVB‐DS standards.

    The SoC integrates many advanced peripherals inside including 10/100 Ethernet MAC; 3Gbps SATA and dual USB highspeed ports; multi‐standards card controller and transport‐demux processor. The flexible and programmable QoSbased switch fabric and memory controller tie all the processing cores and peripherals together and connects to the DDR2 memory bus. The build‐in videoDAC and HDMI transmitter supports external TV connections while the internal RGB digital output and LCD timing controller supports LCD panel.

    DTV broadcasting streams can be received by the dual transport stream (TS) interfaces. Both serial SPI and parallel SPI are supported. The received streams can be saved in external storage devices for PVR applications. DVB Common Descrambler 1.0 is supported in addition to DES, Triple DES (TDES/3DES) and AES streaming crypto formats. An integrated ISO7816 controller is included for interfacing to external smart card.

    The AML8726‐M SoC supports industrial standard Linux and Android operating system. Standard development environment utilizing gcc tool chain is supported.


    Technical Information PDF: Free File Sharing Made Simple - MediaFire
    Mirror: - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!

    CPU Sub‐system
    • ARM Cortex A9 CPU, up to 1GHz frequency
    • Supports ARMv7 ISA with Thumb‐2 technology
    • 2.5 DMIPS/MHz
    • Multi‐issue superscalar, out‐of‐order design
    • 32KB instruction cache, 32KB data cache
    • Unified 128KB L2 cache
    • Memory Management Unit and TrustZone security
    • Advanced NEON SIMD media accelerator
    • Supporting Linux and Android operating system

    3D Graphics Processing Unit
    • ARM Mali‐400 3D GPU
    • 250Mpix/sec and 25Mtri/sec
    • Full scene over‐sampled 4X anti‐aliasing engine with no additional bandwidth usage
    • GPU‐L2 cache for reduction of graphics data bandwidth
    • GPU‐Memory Management Unit
    • Independent and concurrent GPU and CPU processing
    • OpenGL ES 1.1/2.0 and OpenVG 1.1 software driver

    2.5D Graphics Processor
    • Fast bitblt engine with dual inputs and single output
    • Programmable raster (ROP) and alpha (AOP) operations
    • Programmable polyphase scaling filter
    • Supports multiple video formats 4:2:0, 4:2:2 and 4:4:4 and multiple pixel formats (8/16/24/32 bits graphics
    • Fast color space conversion
    • Advanced anti‐flickering filter

    RGB Output and TCON
    • RGB888 for digital LCD panels;
    • Three independent Gamma table for LCD panel tuning
    • Dithering logic for mapping to different LCD panel color depth
    • Integrated programmable timing controller (TCON) for digital LCD panels

    Accelerated Video/Picture Decoding Hardware
    • Dual programmable DSP engines at 200MHx with DSP instructions and direct video deocding hardware
    • MPEG‐1 MP/HL conforming to ISO‐11172 (1080P)
    • MPEG‐2 MP/HL conforming to ISO‐13818 (1080P)
    • MPEG‐4 Part 2 ASP ISO‐14496‐2 (1080P)
    • WMV/VC‐1 SP/MP/AP (1080P, progressive/interlace frame picture)
    • H.264 HP@L4.1 (1080P)
    • RealVideo 8/9/10 Decoding (720p)
    • M‐JPEG and JPEG decoding ISO/IEC‐10918 – Unlimited pixel resolution (currently test with 16M pixel digital camera and 100M pixel Photoshop file)
    • Supports JPEG thumbnail, scaling, rotation and transition effects
    • Multiple language and multiple format sub‐title video support
    • Supports *.mkv,*.wmv,*.mpg, *.mpeg, *.dat, *.avi, *.mov, *.iso, *.mp4, *.rm and *.jpg file formats

    Video Post‐Processing Controller
    • Motive adaptive 3D noise reduction filter
    • Advanced motion adaptive edge enhancing de‐interlacing engine
    • 3:2 pull‐down support
    • Programmable poly‐phase scalar for both horizontal and vertical dimension for zoom and windowing
    • Programmable color management filter (to enhance blue, green, red, face and other colors)
    • Chroma coring and black extension processing
    • Dynamic Non‐Linear Luma filter
    • Programmable color matrix pipeline
    • Video mixer: 2 video planes and 2 graphics planes

    Video Output
    • Programmable four channels high speed video DACs for analog video output (CVBS, S‐Video, YPbPr and VGA)
    • HDMI 1.3 transmitter with integrated CEC processor
    • Supports all standard SD/HD video output formats: 480i/p, 576i/p, 720p and 1080i/p
    • ITU601/RGB888 digital output for interfacing to other video devices

    Audio Decoding and Output
    • MediaCPU with DSP audio processing
    • Capable of supporting software codecs like MPEG audio, Dolby Digital, MIDI, MP3, WMA, AAC and many
    • Build‐in 2 channels audio DAC and i2s output for connecting to TV audio processor or scalar.
    • SPDIF/IEC958 serial digital audio output

    Digital Audio/Video Input Interfaces
    • ITU 601/656 video input with optional down‐scalar
    • Dual channels i2s digital audio input
    • Transport Stream (ISO13818‐1 TS packet format) SPI interface for DVB/ATSC‐type digital video
    • Camera Input supported formats(8bit):YUV422,RGB565,10bit rawRGB, 2bytes rawRGB
    STB Interface
    • Demux interface for connecting to external ATSC, DVB‐C, DVB‐T demodulator chip
    • PWM, I2C and SPI interfaces to tuner and demodulator
    • Integrated DVB Common Descrambler 1.0, DES, TDES and AES cryptographic engine; integrated hardware random number generator
    • Integrated ISO 7816 smart card controller
    • Android with built‐in support for all DTV table processing

    Integrated Network Interfaces
    • IEEE 802.3 10/100 Ethernet controller (with RMII interface for external PHY+magnetics)
    • SDIO controller for external WIFI modules

    Integrated I/O Controllers and Interfaces
    • SD/MS card controller for external removable storage
    • Dual USB 2.0 high‐speed USB ports: One USB Host port and one USB OTG port
    • Serial ATA (SATA) 2.0 3Gbps port with AHCI software interface for connecting to hard disk drive. Also
    capable of supporting eSATA interface standard.
    • Multiple UART, IIC and SPI controllers
    • Programmable remote control input circuitry

    Switching Fabric and Memory Interfaces
    • Application based traffic optimization using internal QoS‐based switching fabrics
    • Intelligent memory controller with DDR2 memory interface
    • 32‐bits DDR2 SDRAM controller supporting up to 512MB DDR800 memory devices
    • Built‐in SLC/MLC NAND FLASH controller with up to BCH16 algorithm
    • Built‐in SPI NOR FLASH controller

    System, Peripherals and Misc. Interfaces
    • Integrated general purpose timers, counters, DMA controllers
    • Integrated RTC with battery backup option
    • Integrated multiple channels 10‐bit SAR ADC
    • Single 24 MHz crystal oscillator input
    • Embedded debug interface using ICE/JTAG
    • AMPOWER power management circuits supporting multiple sleep and suspend operating modes
    • 372Balls LFBGA RoHS package

    Technical Information PDF: Free File Sharing Made Simple - MediaFire
    Mirror: - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!

    I hope this can help about any technical information that is requested about the hardware.

  2. tatubias

    tatubias Well-Known Member

    im testing now. yes it does play srt subtitles with an mkv file using the default player..

    You need to put the srt with the same name as the mkv and when you open the file go to the ... option and then select the T icon and activate subtitles.

    Also you can change color and size.
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  3. tatubias

    tatubias Well-Known Member

    Doing some research i did start asking some questions like Is Amlogic AML8726-M platform really capable to run Adobe Flash and Adobe AIR ? so i did some research and did install the applications.

    Adobe FLASH (v10.2 ???):

    Update on Flash Player 10.2 for mobile devices Adobe AIR and Adobe Flash Player Team Blog
    Adobe Flash Platform - Certified devices: Smartphones
    Adobe Flash Platform - Certified devices: Tablets

    Operating system
    + Android
  4. tatubias

    tatubias Well-Known Member

    If you feel that you can develop your own firmware here it is the information eeded to do it.

    The following site is the amlocig wiki site there its all the information for developing a new firmware.

    Arm/Android - Amlogic

    To have a better understanding of how to tweek your firmware you can watch the following videos.

    Tutorial: Android Internals - Building a Custom ROM, Pt. 1 of 2 - YouTube
    Tutorial: Android Internals - Building a Custom ROM, Pt. 2 of 2 - YouTube

    The videos provided had a great explanation on how to develop your own generic andoird rom. if you want to play with measy rom you can read all the documents provided and watch the videos.
  5. Skevlin

    Skevlin New Member

    Can the device be connected to an nsf server to play files over network? I have connected device to my network, but can't access it.
  6. tatubias

    tatubias Well-Known Member

  7. seklax

    seklax Member

    Can you plz guide me how to connect to wifi.
    I have used a D-Link wifi dongle. But the device doesn't find any wifi signal. Even the dongle light doesn't blink at all
  8. tatubias

    tatubias Well-Known Member

    i dont know i did used a dongle that was provided with my device. and i connect it then i go the the settings menu. and then go to the wifi and enable it.

    did you enable the wifi?

    0 - connect wifi dongle to the usb
    1 - go to the android menu
    2 - go to settings
    3 - go to wifi network.
    4 - enable wifi network.
    5 - configure wifi network.
  9. kannan66

    kannan66 Member

    It has some realtek built-in proprietary drivers for wifi so will not work with market wifi dongles. I tried with three different ones but was not successful.
    So it is better to order from Measy.

    By the way great work tatubias, keep it up
  10. tatubias

    tatubias Well-Known Member

    Try any realtek wifi dongle.

    i have a realtek RTL8191S and its detected by the device.

    There are tons of different wifi dongles that has realtek chipset so get one and test it. ;)
  11. Skevlin

    Skevlin New Member

    SMB can not play 720p MKV files without stuttering. This device so far is a disappointment. Is there any way to play 720p MKV files which are on my computer over network, either wifi or LAN connection?
  12. tatubias

    tatubias Well-Known Member

    you will need to test other smb clients. the streaming depends on how they are configured.

    the player does playback very well mkv 720p.

    if you are streaming though wifi i think that you need a wifi N to stream hi definition movies though wifi. if not use Ethernet connector.

    the player is not yet a out of the box solution. but measy is working to improve it.

    here it is a not official firmware from measy. Deposit Files

    you can test it. i have installed it and it works. i hope next month is the firmware out with all the updates i pointed out.
  13. kannan66

    kannan66 Member

    I have no problem with streaming even 1080p files from my network device to this player.

    Try playing the file directly from within the player, if if runs without stuttering, then your network is slow.

    @tatubias, not all realtek dongles work, it has to be hit and trial.

    anyway I will check the one you mentioned in my local market.

    also root and install setcpu and tweak to 800Mhz. Amoung governers, Interactive and SmartassV2 are the best but still not available in setcpout, ondemand gives stable performance without hanging.
  14. tatubias

    tatubias Well-Known Member

    also root and install setcpu and tweak to 800Mhz. Amoung governers, Interactive and SmartassV2 are the best but still not available in setcpout, ondemand gives stable performance without hanging.

    I did used setcpu and works perfect. i did tested for 3 or 4 days and i did not have any issue i set it again to 600mhz because did never got confirmation from measy if the device will break if i used "overclocked" (dont know how it is built insised the device and how temperature is disipated. i did used on demand and it did gone well too.

    There inside / it is the init.rc file iniede y ou can find tons of variables. i did not tested yet but you can see there how the cpu is set.

    # set CPU scaling range, default is 200M~800M in M1 kernel:
    write /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_min_freq 200000
    write /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_max_freq 600000

    I dont much about andoird im starting to learn ;)

    Inside the following path you may get more information

    # Give write permission for some of the CPU scaling sysfs file, if you want to change them:
    chmod 0777 /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_min_freq
    chmod 0777 /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_max_freq
    chmod 0777 /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_governor

    #set cpu scaling governor, select scaling governor here(need to have the governor you want enabled in kernel)
    write /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_governor ondemand
  15. tatubias

    tatubias Well-Known Member

    Does some one noticed the same that is happening to me with the 1080p and 720 resolution that the image is being cut from the sides?

    The Resolution on the screen is 720p - image is tighten. Normally it has more space from the sides.


    The resolution on the screen is 1080p as you can see the image goes out of the screen.
    See icons in the right part dissapear and not all are shown.

  16. kannan66

    kannan66 Member

    This is an overlay problem. Normally the firmware should include settings for adjusting overlay problems. A kind of setting which will allow us to adjust image on the screen.

    I hope Measy does this in its next upgrade. Tatubias can you add this to your requirement on firmware and send it to Measy.

  17. seklax

    seklax Member

    I have connected the Measy x7 to my Onkyo AV receiver through HDMI.But it outputs only PCM downmix for DTS or Dolby Digital videos.

    Can't I get DTS output from Measy x7 ?
  18. kannan66

    kannan66 Member

    When the movie is playing, click menu on the remote to go to language option. Switch language to AC5.1 or DTS whichever is available,

    Please post back the results.
  19. tatubias

    tatubias Well-Known Member

    Thank you very much for the update. hi have sent an email to measy some time ago i hope this is fixed in the next firmware.

    do you know were is corrected this in the firmware? have you ever edited any firmware? i was wondering if modifying the files axes can correct the overlay.

    have you ever modify the init.rc if you modify does correct issues during the boot?
  20. seklax

    seklax Member

    I played one 1080P DTS MKV Movie file. In the language menu "DTS" is selected by default. But my AV receiver is showing as PCM only. The same file when I played in my wdtv player correct DTS output is played.

    I think measy x7 has no proper DTS output support.
  21. tatubias

    tatubias Well-Known Member

    send an email to and ask for the update in the next firmware so they can work on this.

    also then let us know what are their response. ;)
  22. kannan66

    kannan66 Member

    Hi tatubias,

    i am no android developer, just a little tech savvy to understand stuff but with no idea how to decode stuff.

    Wonder if there is any apk to do this stuff, will research and let you know.

    Regarding the DTS/dolby out, I will try the video component out way to see if the audio then streams as RAW via optical out.

    However this is a basic need which must be addressed by Measy in their next update including the display overlay problem.

    I too will mail measy.

  23. tatubias

    tatubias Well-Known Member

    please any issue that you discover send emails to so all little issues are fixed asap.

    it woul be a good idea to make a list with all the fixes that are needed.

    i was wondering if to you is happening the same to me. not all files / directory are shown sometimes. i have to start link 4 time to see all the files on the hard drive.
  24. seklax

    seklax Member

    Hi, can anybody tell me which model of usb wireless keyboard and mouse is compatible with this product. I have a Microsoft keyboad and mouse compbo, but X7 doesn't recognise this. Wired keyboard and mouse are working superb.
  25. tatubias

    tatubias Well-Known Member

    technically any wireless mouse (2.4ghz) should work. i have a generic genius and work perfect.

    try to get a keyboard and mouse that does not use DRIVERS. get a standard one.

    dont use bluethooth devices.

    flymouse is reported that works with the device too.

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