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Measy X7 - Android TV Box - HDD - ARM Cortex A9

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  1. seklax

    seklax Member

    I made the Go launcher as default home screen.

    After a weather app installation failed (Stuck at install application ) , I restarted the system.

    Now my system is stuck at boot screen. Only the letters android is displayed. I waited for long time but I am not getting the home screen.

    Plz help... :(:(

  2. tatubias

    tatubias Well-Known Member

    1 - turn off the player
    2 - in the back it is a reset button press it dont release until i say
    3 - turn on the device
    4 - i will take you to the Flash firmware screen
    5 - release reset button
    6 - use the remote control select set default factory settings or re flash with the firmware.
    7 - will restart the device as new
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  3. seklax

    seklax Member

    Thank you tatubias. Now the system is alive after a factory reset as suggested by you.
  4. tatubias

    tatubias Well-Known Member

    good news to know ;)

    im happy please let us know if you did find any other interesting thing to play arround.
  5. tatubias

    tatubias Well-Known Member

  6. tatubias

    tatubias Well-Known Member

    i have just installed the firmware that i have posted upper v 1110.

    in the firmware version says


    don't remember this data on the other firmware that i have all ready posted. but may be the same.
  7. tatubias

    tatubias Well-Known Member

    i was going to post a totorial explaining how to change your boot animation. but finaly i got an app that do that an other insteresting things too.

    note: The player should be rooted.

    (Requires a Rooted Device + NAND Unlocked Device!)-*******************************


    +Root(SU) File Browser/File Management
    ++Zip file creation/extract
    ++Bulk Email Files
    ++Bulk Copy/Move/Delete Files
    ++Image previews
    ++APK File Viewer/Extraction
    ++Bunch of other Stuff :p

    +bootanimation.zip Editor (Change all values of the desc.txt to change Width/Height/Frames Per Second/Comment out certain Parts/etc..
    +Preview/DL Over a 200 Boot Animations!
    +Import Boot Animations you've placed on root of /sdcard/
    +Preview/DL Over 200 Fonts!
    +App Backup+Data to SDCard
    +App Mgmt Remove System/Data apps from phone.
    +App Mgmt Cache/Data Clear
    +Text Editor to modify ASCII Files!(Build.prop etc)
    +AD Block Support
    +Build.prop Editor
    +SQLite3 Database Viewer


    root tools system utilities absolute font boot animations fonts ad block adblock backup clear cache uninstall apps file browser bootanimations bootanimation boot animation text editor app killer logcat scripts removal install copy move delete management


    Download link:
    Absolute_System_Root_Tools_v1.8.4.apk (1.68 MB)Multiupload.com - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!
  8. tatubias

    tatubias Well-Known Member

    any one has the issue that the SATA HD is not mounted as expected?

    i mean not all files are shown or folders i have to reboot the device like 4 times until all files are shown.
  9. seklax

    seklax Member

    This is the same version which you posted earlier.
    Within the update.zip, system/build.prop you can find the version details.
  10. tatubias

    tatubias Well-Known Member

    yes i have realize that. :(

    did you expericnce the issue about the hd that i have?
  11. kannan66

    kannan66 Member

    So far I have no issues with SATA HD mounting
  12. bthoven

    bthoven Well-Known Member

    All standalone TedTalk apps I tried won't deliver HD quality video which this tv box deserves.

    Tedtalk HD in iMediashare allows you to play the HD version beautifully. However, iMediashare works with wifi connection only, not working for wired internet. I asked the developer once about supporting wired internet, but I'm not sure they will implement it or not. iMediashare also give you Cnet HD version which you can't find in any standalone Cnet app.

    OnAir Mediafly is also a comprehensive vidcast/audiocast aggregrator. It give you much more channels (both SD and HD quality) than iMediashare. It also works with LAN connection. Highly recommended.

    I personally don't own this tv box, but another Amlogic-based tv box is arriving and I hope I can share more experience on the Amlogic box community.
  13. seklax

    seklax Member

    I am using a wired LAN internet connection.

    I have tried to install different weather application( Android weather, Go weather, flip weather etc ). Every time the app installation stucks and when I restart the system, the system hangs on boot screen.

    I have faced this issue two times and I had to apply factory reset two times to get into the Home launcher screen.

    I have decided not to install any weather application on my measy x7
  14. seklax

    seklax Member

    I have installed Quickpic, but I am only getting thumbnails when I try to open a picture, File format not supported is displayed on screen.

    Does Quickpic support .jpg file formats ??
  15. tatubias

    tatubias Well-Known Member

    Thank you very much for the update i will be testing on air and quick pic ;)

    can oyo provide the links to download.-
  16. tatubias

    tatubias Well-Known Member

    i have tested some other photo players all have the same issue they dont show images that are not located on the SD card. ;(
  17. tatubias

    tatubias Well-Known Member

    as i posted before i had some issues that the device that was not reading very well the ntfs partition.

    by the moment what i did to fix it. was to connect the Hd to my pc, or you can do it though the BLUE usb connector.

    then when is detected by the pc you can run chkdsk <drive> /f and fix or correct the issues on the devices.

    then reboot the mediaplayer and you should be able to see all files as expected.
  18. seklax

    seklax Member

    Can we expect a Gingerbread 2.3 upgrade ??
  19. tatubias

    tatubias Well-Known Member

    I did received an email from measy it seams that they are going to release a 2.3 upgrade (for a new version of the x7). but the email was not clear enough. so when i get more information i will be sharing.

    I hope this update will be compatible with our "old" devices.
  20. tatubias

    tatubias Well-Known Member

    i was told may be this week is going to be released other new firmware i hope some of the issues finded are fixed.


    as soon i get the firmware i will be posting here.
  21. seklax

    seklax Member

    Can we expect these issues also to be fixed in new firmware.

    1. RAM is just 192 MB instead of 500MB
    2. CPU is just 600mhz instead of 1ghz
    3. Display resolution problem in 1080P/720P
    4. HDMI pass through for Dolby/DTS/AC3 output
    5. Problem in Market applications ( Not showing enough applications)
    6. Youtube application
    7. Upgrade to GINGERBREAD
  22. bthoven

    bthoven Well-Known Member

    deleted due to duplicated post
  23. kannan66

    kannan66 Member

    Hi Tatubias,

    I have written a number of mails to them but no responce.
    Good atleast they are communicating with you.

  24. bthoven

    bthoven Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure you want a full weather app, or just a widget. If you need just a weather/date/time widget combo, you may try free app named Beautiful Widget.
  25. tatubias

    tatubias Well-Known Member

    i hope we can get thoes update soon. im realy expecting them. i was told if we a lucky this week we will be seing a new firmware. lets wait and cross our fingers.

    we can add an other missing item that gallery is not showing images in full resolution ;) and they are very low.

    here it is the lastest youtube app. Multiupload.com - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!

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