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  1. andytx

    andytx Active Member

    I downloaded a version 3.1 of Market place APK then installed, it asked "Do you want to uninstall, answer:yes, then go to desktop. Market place is still there.

  2. tatubias

    tatubias Well-Known Member

    if you want support for a specific issue on a specific application contact the software developer.
  3. tatubias

    tatubias Well-Known Member

    it seams that you are not reading the post on this forum.

    please read all.

    form the first page.

    in page 3 you can see how to make it work as expected.

    if you have spent 5 minutes you sholud realize that you need to root the device.
  4. andytx

    andytx Active Member

    Here what I meant When trying to add Gmail account to Marke place in order to run Market place APP and got Error below:


    Uploaded with

    Beside, Setup 720 or 1080P resolution: You can see the left screen not fit property.
  5. tatubias

    tatubias Well-Known Member

    we have already covered all those issues. on this forum. about the the google login some time it tools like 10 minutes since the player start to connect.

    about the screen was already reported we have not find yet a solution.

    update: try connecting using the icon from the second desktop to the right.
  6. tatubias

    tatubias Well-Known Member

    also i recomend to use other market like


    or other.

    please read the trhead
  7. andytx

    andytx Active Member

    Sorry, I expected it is should be friendly user, instead go to all the hassle thing like this,
    Do you have any firmware that had English language As default?
  8. tatubias

    tatubias Well-Known Member

    no by default is in chineese yo uneed to change it to english

    I will be showing how to Change the language when you install the new firmware due it by default in
    1. Click on the Main Screen Theme.

    2. Then Click on the settings options.


    3 – Click on the option that has an A the 7th one.

    4 – Click on the first option.

    5 – Select the language you want to. As an example we used English.

    6 – That's all now you have android configured in English.


    then reboot the device
  9. andytx

    andytx Active Member

    Can you Post where to download the manual please?
  10. tatubias

    tatubias Well-Known Member

    defenitly you are making me mad. as you are NOT READY NOTHING this was allready posted i have allready told you

    Here are some manuals and technical information that i have uploaded

    Product home page: X7 HD media player--Measy Electronics - Measy Eletronics Co.,Ltd.

    English User Manual: - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!

    the link for the firmware that was posted here is not longer available. you can search in the thread the latest firmware
  11. andytx

    andytx Active Member

    Man, terrible
    Tried mobo, medrian player, none of them wont let me click the mouse
    Do you have any best player for me to try?
  12. tatubias

    tatubias Well-Known Member

    i dont undestan what do you mean with click the mouse!

    allthoes are the bests players around. mx player you can test.

    always explain better what is happening to you we cant be guesing what is your issue.

    click the mouse ? im not native english and click the mouse does not means nothing.
  13. andytx

    andytx Active Member

    Just like You place dvd movie in dvd player, then Press Play button the remote control in order to play or press setup on the control to setup audio output Right?
    If you dont press play button , the Main title keep looping

    and I hook Measy to Onkyo reciever, then how to setup to RAW audio?

    Look at the new image here example

    Uploaded with
  14. tatubias

    tatubias Well-Known Member

    you need to test with the de fault player if it runs. if it does not and you are using other player. contact the supplier of that software.

    if you want that fix form measy send a email to

    i don't have raw audio to connect so i cant test it.dont know pluggit.

    usualy the application have the option to select the audio source.
  15. andytx

    andytx Active Member

    I have tried too, and many other player, that does not have Menu function:
    Perhap, i'm not qualify for it or it not qualify for me, as it Spec said, can play ISO, VOB, other format, yes it played but how it play is other thing.
    and i will return it.
  16. tatubias

    tatubias Well-Known Member

    Thast way i told you if you want a out of the box solution you need other player not this.
  17. andytx

    andytx Active Member

    Even the box said support,
    thank you very of your time that supported me
  18. tatubias

    tatubias Well-Known Member

    im downloading an iso to test. i will be providing an update when i finish downloading it.
  19. PrivateUse

    PrivateUse New Member

    I have read (and re read) every post and have most things working (rooted, CPU speed set, etc) but for the life of me cannot get the market working. I changed fingerprint, cleared cache, but every time I try to login to my Google account it says "Can't establish reliable connection to server."

    If anyone can help, it would be greatly appreciated.

    Other items I am struggling with:
    1.) Who do you add a URL to Website list?
    2.) Anyone have Netflix working? I installed an app but can't scroll through it. I went through browser but after selecting show get error (quick screen flashes with "install app" then bad link page comes up
    3.) How can I turn on DLNA or uPnP (my HiMedia was easy....)

  20. andytx

    andytx Active Member

    1: About market place, I Google the error , almost everyone got same error in android phone,

    2: I thought NetFlix already built in with fw
  21. tatubias

    tatubias Well-Known Member

    about the account that is not loggin it is not a related issue to the MArket. i have experienced the same issue. but i did like 10 intents and finally was able to connect. try conecting though ethernet or wifi.

    this same issue was experienced by other guy in india. and he was not able to fix it. one day the usb port burnt and he had to send the device to measy. then when they sent the device back he was able to log into the google account.

    realy dont know why you cant loggin.

    1.) Who do you add a URL to Website list?
    no i did not find any way. the easy way install a webbrowser like dolphin browser and add them to the favorites.

    2.) Anyone have Netflix working? I installed an app but can't scroll through it. I went through browser but after selecting show get error (quick screen flashes with "install app" then bad link page comes up
    i do not have a netflix accoutn. here in argentina is not good the quality of the movies that they provide so im not going to open an account until i get news that the quality has being improved.

    3.) How can I turn on DLNA or uPnP (my HiMedia was easy....)
    install imediashare 3.6 or any other DLNA server thats all.
  22. tatubias

    tatubias Well-Known Member

    not it is not installed by default.
  23. tatubias

    tatubias Well-Known Member

    you can do the following tests

    1 - factory reset the device (the device will be wiped out) it will reboot
    2 - when it does start wait 10 minutes until the devices starts (have the ethernet connected)
    3 - go to Applications/Settings/Accounts & Sync/then turn on Backround data
    4 - go to the market icon. and try to register your account.

    ----------- try this on your own risk -------------------
    you can try this other option
    you need to have the device rooted.

    1 goto /data/data/ and delete settings.db

    2.restart the device.
    re register you google account.

    with the device hard reseted you can try this.
    I had to try to access the market, than click skip and then click sign in the next time it popped up saying it was required....

    1 open a youtube account in yout ube using your pc. then
    2 install youtube application on the mediaplayer use your account that you have registede in your pc. then check if the google account does sync.

    in all cases allways check to have selected Background data traffic (in the account and sync)
  24. andytx

    andytx Active Member

    :) too much isn't it?
    HTPC or high end computer still the best
  25. tatubias

    tatubias Well-Known Member

    1 - You were told that this was not a out of the box solution
    2 - This issue is not directly related with the player it is a Google issue.
    3 - i doubt you can buy a htpc for less that 100usd that can decode 1080p movies. have remote control. does not make fan noise. does not uses much electricity.
    4 - if you buy an htpc probalby you will need to pay the windows licence
    5 - if you use linux you are in the same situation here. its complicated.

    here. we are to try to help and make things work as we want to. not complain and even try to read 3 pages of a forum.

    when i did started with this player i did never touch an android device in my life. and i studied and learn about it.

    yes it far to be perfect (is andorid) go and complain to google. If you prefer to be sit in your living room and do nothing about it, DON'T COMPLAIN.

    if you want a out of the box solution but an EXPENSIVE player 500 800 1000 usd. then you will not complain.

    please retun the device. it will make you happier and us too.

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