Measy X7 - Android TV Box - HDD - ARM Cortex A9

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  1. andytx

    andytx Active Member

    Yes I complain about the Device, I guess Measy did not tested the specification before ship to the customer.
    specifications said can handle what i wanted,That reason I bought, and I did returned the unit the next day. Even the sale person understand the situations when I told him.

  2. tatubias

    tatubias Well-Known Member

    mee to im not happy but im looking to fin work arrounds. to make things works as i want.

    may be in february the new firmware update fix the basics issues
  3. andytx

    andytx Active Member

    yeah! Android can be installed to computer & iphone
  4. Jerocrop

    Jerocrop Member

    I have access to the android market and I can download all the free apps but when I try to download a paid app I get an error. Tatubias can you help?
  5. tatubias

    tatubias Well-Known Member

    i have never used the market to download paid applicaitons. so i can help there you can download paid aps
    the applanet market
    or go to APKTOP m its other market too.
  6. tatubias

    tatubias Well-Known Member

    also if you want any one help you with an error is a good practice tu publish the error. im not a mentalist.
  7. Jerocrop

    Jerocrop Member

    I hear you sir!
  8. Rex1au

    Rex1au New Member

    Mini disc has the manual in pdf format, but useless.
  9. Rex1au

    Rex1au New Member

    Just bought mine and it does the same, except both 720 and 1080 setting is worse than yours in the picture, so it looks like it depends with your TV. Can't even use it on my tv. Its an old lcd 1080i LG which is a few years old.
    I did test it on my computer monitor and everything was displayed perfectly in the screen, but i wanted a box to work on my tv and not my computer monitor as its pointless.
    Just waiting for a fix and then i will connect it back to my TV and for now its just sitting in the box.
  10. tatubias

    tatubias Well-Known Member

    install the latest firmware we posted here v1110
  11. andytx

    andytx Active Member

    have anyone try to hook it up to audio reciver, how to make to play movies got DTS or Dolby sound setup in the player?
  12. tatubias

    tatubias Well-Known Member

    For my surprise our Measy x7 2.2 andoird is not going to be up datable to android seems that needs some "soldering" to be fix.

    MEASY is not fixing all the issues that we have already sent to them. This is the second time and the LAST that i buy a product from MEASY. The support respond to you the first 2 times you send an email then it relay sucks.

    They don't care about the client. it seems that they does not know enough to develop a device.

    The SPECS that are posted are FAKE the cpu does not get to 1ghz it is scaled to 600mhz, and the memory only shows 198BM (they say it has 512). They can replay anything on this that am saying simply the device is not working as they sell it.

    also i can believe how they can show their face into CES 2012 if they provide this kind of support. in USA they make pay the company's that lies to their clients or does not provide the adequate support.

    Only buy this product if the Sellers can validate that the devices has andoird 2.3 installed on it. if not DONT BUY IT

    100% Disappointed

    Kind regards Tatubias.
  13. andytx

    andytx Active Member

  14. tatubias

    tatubias Well-Known Member

  15. andytx

    andytx Active Member

  16. tatubias

    tatubias Well-Known Member

    im not in the USA. i need to buy some were with free shipping to Argentina.

    i was thinking in GENIATECH ATV3000 or ATV4000 products they seams to be more serious.

    they have already released the firmware with android 4.0 (beta) and id did ask them to check it and they sent it to me.

    They also release this firmware during CES 2012. its basicaly the same hard than x7
  17. andytx

    andytx Active Member

  18. andytx

    andytx Active Member

  19. tatubias

    tatubias Well-Known Member

    i did had an MEASY E8HD it was a realy good player. but it did happened the same with this.

    i was not able to update the firmware to newer ones it got briked. so is did had to spent TONS of hour tunning it.

    example installing Transmission bittorrent. more, internet content. other applications that can be installed. etc.

    i relay did fun with that player but its disappointing again that i was not able to install the correct firmware because the device has an old PCB and it seems that was not compatible.
  20. tatubias

    tatubias Well-Known Member

    this was an open letter that i have sent measy long time ago. this were some thought that i shared with Measy. believe what, they did nothing [​IMG]

    First of all the concept of media player is like old by now (play audio video files view photos). we have to take advance of possibilities of technologies that is offering today.

    With ZERO investment in hardware you can add some extras that NO other media player has. as you can see the concept of media player today is not enough i has turn over a entrainment home center.

    The possibility of using Android it really opens Hugh possibilities to the company and the market. Watching movies, listening to audio viewing photos it not enough. People has the "necessity" to be connected today the possibility to of web browsing, facebook, twitter, any Instant messenger line yahoo, microsoft, skype, really opens the possibility to your devices.

    What i have noticed is that no media player has the option to ad 3g dongle ( this is very simple to add only add things in the firmware (you dont have to program NOTHING, every Chinese cheap table has this) and has a very big marking option for your devices. today wired communications are basically dead. 3g carries has 3 or 4 more lines that wired ones so this FREE upgraded for you to add to your devices will be a plus. also 4g networks are being deployed all around the world and you only will need to update the firmware to support new 4g dongles.

    Other detail that i have noticed is that no media player has enabled the Bluetooth option. Its an other firmware update that can be done ZERO cost HI IMPACT on promotion in marketing. imagine, you can do web calls or use skype using a bluethooth headset. with skype or gtalk you will be able to buy some credit and talk around the world to hardline or wireless one for less money. so you can promote the device possibilities. Also no one media player has this option. for you it has no cost. the owner will need to buy a Bluetooth dongle. or you can provide one they are very very very cheep. image you provide also a possibility to connect the device to cellphones though Bluetooth and transfer files very simple. also you can here music using the Bluetooth headset in you home not having the tv on or with hi volume.

    Add webcam possibility. this item i have not investigated much due it there are not much stuff out there. but could be interesting to add the video call option. obioulsy this it has no cost the owner of the device will buy a usb web cam to use if is interested. hugh marking impact too. tablets has webcam it is only to study how this work and implement the option.

    update: there are allready media players and tablets that support webcam external webcam.

    Add the samba server, i have noticed that some devices on the market does not have installed samba this is a basic stuff to share files over the network.

    Add VNC server so you can control the media player from a notebook.

    This kind of software are all around the web and are free. the issue is that most of them need to have the media player ROOTED.Selling the media player rooted could be a good marketing strategy so the users can really have a more complete experience of it.

    As an example of things that could be done is to tweek the host file of the device so most of Advertisements are blocked (they are realy a pain in the .......) this can be done by hand or you can install an application called adfree

    This is an important item you should be directly developing on android 4 it has more advance opportunities and good thing that can be used. also is orientated more to "tables".

    UPDATE: enable joypad support. (this can be done updating the kernel and adding some libraries. Android 3.0 has this option already included. imagine playing mame games NES Snes and any other console games.

    update: Adding support for USB dongles DVB-T / ISDB-T / DVB-S/DVB-S2 / DVB-T2 digital TV receiving.

    This update has hardware cost [​IMG]

    it is very important that the client gets a very good experience when un boxing the device. so how it is packaged the quality of it or how it is opened its important for the subcontinent of the client. think in apple products when you un box you having a experience that you tell (or publish) to all your friend how it was your first impression.

    Also the controller should be hi quality. it is the interface between you and the device it has to feel like a symbiotic relationship. as an example Measy provide really good controllers, they look and feel very expensive and hi quality. For this kind of devices that has android a remote controller with gyroscope should be provided by default. it enhance the experience in a 1000% and it has a HUGH impact in mind of the client and friends. FV-1 media player has this kind of remote controller. that is a good example. Also having back light in the controller is excellent option.

    note: update notes were added in this post.
  21. Dual_HD

    Dual_HD Well-Known Member

    I can not agree with your one thing, that is the memory size, you mentioned 198MB, but I don't think your box is only 198MB memory, that is not logical. Maybe you installed many applications and rest memory is 198MB left, please check it.
  22. tatubias

    tatubias Well-Known Member

    it seems that i did not explain my self very well.

    the device it is supposed that has fisical 512MB ram .

    when you boot the device and do all memory and system checks all the software says that the device is only 198MB.

    and there it is 65 to 90mb of free memory. this depends if you kill or not all the apps.

    i the system uses memory and other apps too. but if it is 512 it cant be only 198mb free.

    you can see some screen shots in other pages here in this post.
  23. andytx

    andytx Active Member

    yes! please invite Measy Family to this forum and let them read,
  24. Dual_HD

    Dual_HD Well-Known Member

    Another wrong thing is that the box is not 1G maybe, but definitely not 600Mhz!
  25. tatubias

    tatubias Well-Known Member

    yes you are rigth the device is scaled to 600mhz.

    keep in mind
    if you root the device
    then you can install antutu cpu master and you can scale into 800mhz


    comparing measy with pinocho. Pinocho is an assss.

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