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  1. borsaid

    borsaid New Member

    I'm starting to use an older (rooted CM7) HTC Evo 4G as a dedicated Plex media center remote.

    I'm looking to use tasker to automatically turn the screen on when I pick up the device. Is this possible?

    Anybody else using their android devices as dedicated media center remote controls care to share their setups and any tips and tricks?

  2. IAmHe

    IAmHe Member

    How about a profile that turns off the screen when the device is placed face down (State->Sensor->Orientation->Face Down), with an exit task that turns the screen on? That would accomplish your goal, provided you always keep the device face down when not in use.

  3. tatootie67

    tatootie67 Well-Known Member

    How can you get tasker to actually shut the screen on and off though? I haven't seen that option
  4. IAmHe

    IAmHe Member

    I originally thought the OP was referring to controlling the screen for his/her media center, but now that you mention it, I'm really not sure.

    In any event, to turn on your device, I found the Tasker action Display->Turn On. When I tried it, I get a toast message, "Sorry, that action is unavailable on this device." (I have an HTC Evo 4G.) I subsequently found the following in the Tasker user guide:

    Can I use Tasker to turn the screen on and off ?

    Turning on, use the Display / Turn On action. Unfortunately, that action is inaccessible with Android 2.3+.

    For turning off, you can use the Display / System Lock action with Android 2.0+.

    For Android 1.6, you can set the Display Timeout to it's minimum (around 7 seconds) and then set it back to normal in response to a Display Off event.

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