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Media Edition or Not!!General

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  1. Thickmick

    Thickmick New Member

    Over the last few days I have done a huge amount of online research as to the differences between the Xoom 2 and the Xoom 2 ME.
    Can anyone advise me if I'm right in thinking that there is practically no difference between the 2 devices other than the following:-
    Size (obviously) ME smaller
    Use of stylus on the Xoom 2 (although I have read on several places that it can be used on the ME)
    Some of the preloaded apps (but these could be added to the ME if needed)

    I've also heard that the sound/picture quality is better on the ME

    Am I missing anything obvious or is that about the only real differences?

    Also anyone already using the Xoom 2 ME.... Can it be used for the following purposes:-
    Skype video calling
    BBC iplayer for stuff predownloaded or only for streaming?
    Sky anytime or whatever it's called allowing you to play view content on the tablet?

    My preference would be to get the ME version but I would appreciate if anyone can answer my questions to help me be certain.


  2. Philarmie

    Philarmie Member

    I (and maybe just one or two others it seems) own the ME edition and will try and answer a few of your points.

    Yes the ME is smaller. Not sure that the sound and/or picture quality is better on ME. I believe the 10" version has 3D sound whereas the ME does not. 'Picture' I think is the same.

    No BBC iplayer app. When you access the website through the browser it takes you to the mobile site. i accessed full site through Dolphin Browser HD and it mostly played ok (note that the ME is not full HD though).

    I see no reason why you could not use skyanytime. There is a webcam and pre-installed webcam apps so Skype would be fine too.

    Overall i would say that if you wanted to read often on your tablet (or are simply weak wristed for some reason) then the ME is much better due to its light weight and ease of holding in one hand.

    However, if you wanted it for watching movies I would go with the bigger one for three reasons. 1)Picture: the 10" has bigger display AND plays more types of video files than the media edition. 2) Sound - 3D sound on 10". 3) Battery life - generally piss poor on the ME compared to Xoom and Xoom 2.

    Don't get me wrong...I really like my Xoom 2 ME...I'm just pointing out that if any of the three issues above would annoy you stay away from the ME.

    Hope that helps.
  3. Frisco

    Frisco =Luceat Lux Vestra= VIP Member

    Welcome to Android Forums, Phil.

    I'm going to contact the Administrator about including the Media Edition as a device forum (obviously we have the Xoom 2 here ;)).

    By the way, while we're waiting for the new forum creation, here's an info page on the Xoom 2 ME:

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  4. Thickmick

    Thickmick New Member

    Thanks for the comprehensive reply Philarmie

  5. Philarmie

    Philarmie Member

    Shake a leg and buy your Media Edition and come join me on the new media edition forum :)

    About the video playback...I think it may actually be the same on both with more formats supported when streaming via Motocast but nigh on 100% certain that ME does not have 3D sound. Still a great tablet though!

    Hope to speak again soon in 'our' own forum.

  6. Thickmick

    Thickmick New Member

    After a lot of research and taking advice from people I think I have decided that I'd rather go for the original wi-fi Zoom, I like the larger storage and ability to use SD cards, Not sure about the cloud yet here in Northern Ireland, our 3G is nowhere near good enough yet. Battery life is also much better on the original if the reviews are to be believed.

    Anyway at a price currently approaching

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